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I want to try out some new, reasonably priced wines and haven't had much luck finding any gems here in nyc. the store owners here seem to be in the biz for $$. I think I was spoiled living in the northwest for so long.

Any suggestions in the $10-$30 range? I like tasting all varietals from all regions. Extra points if you can find me a cheap but quaffable italian wine.

Aug 26, 07 6:13 pm

finally a wine thread!

A little cheaper than you asked for (I am a College student after all) but here is I am drinking:

-VI. TRA bottled, D'Aquino imported Chianti - $5.99 at TJ's

I am also fond of Penascal Tempranillo - about $6.99

For those in Boston Le Zygomates has a good wine tasting. I went there for the organic wine tasting some good selections which I will put up here when I find the menu from the night.

Aug 26, 07 6:34 pm
Food & Wine

has a decent search. I have an Italian Sangiovese I'd like to suggest but I'm having a hard time finding it online right now - will post as soon as i can find it.
Good idea for a thread - I'm looking forward to seeing/trying what people have to post here.

Aug 26, 07 7:26 pm

This is a perfect thread. Its been a long time coming. I'm no sommelier but I know what I like, and I have a good nose for reds particularly those from desert climates.

Soooo I'm going to take a few pictures of mine and post

Aug 26, 07 7:49 pm
vado retro

here's a fine website from archinect's very own KaTzE

Aug 26, 07 7:50 pm

The available bottles;

From France
Mommensin Shiraz Pinot Noir 2004 blend, delightfully musky
and a couple from South Africa
Roodeberg 2003
Beyerskloof Pinotage 2004

Aug 26, 07 8:18 pm

two buck chuck is great for making pot roast, but you get what you pay for when buying wines under $20. I still get most of my vinticultural fixes from trader joes.

Aug 26, 07 8:41 pm

k here it goes..let me know if you want more...
Villa Antinori Toscana
Michele Chiarlo Barbera di Alba
Any barbera di asti should be good
Castello Banfi Rosso di Montalcino
Really any Rosso di montalcino is a great wine overall
Ornellia makes a great second label cab called Le Volte
Don't waste money on reds from southern Italy
Teruzzi & Puthod Terre di Tufi (white)
Broadbent Vihno Verde (portugese slightly sparkling white)

Aug 27, 07 2:05 am

oh and another good white is Mcmanis Viogner

Aug 27, 07 2:07 am

I am in love with argentine wines currently:

Catena - Malbec
Alamos - Malbec
La Posta - Bonardo
Ben Marco - Malbec

Aug 27, 07 8:18 am

Katze's site is nice...and Norton is another great argentine wine for a good price.

Aug 27, 07 8:39 am

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet
around $7
I grew up drinking this at family gatherings and still love it.

Good to celebrate any occasion

Aug 27, 07 8:47 am

Give Alamos - malbec a try...around $9 in many places.

The Austin Chronicle had it as a wine of the week last year

Aug 27, 07 9:33 am

hmm.. i haven't had great experiences with either alamos or malbecs, but i'll give it a try and tell you what i think. thx!

Aug 27, 07 12:22 pm

Roshambo Zin, out of Sonoma/Dry Creek, is a recent favorite of mine.

Aug 27, 07 12:39 pm

$7 Barefoot Wines I enjoy the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Aug 27, 07 12:52 pm

Bojangles, I'd recommend heading over to Bottlerocket on 19th Street at 5th Avenue if you're looking for a decent wine store with a great selection (and price point) and a very helpful staff. 90% of what is there is between $10 and $30. Each wine is not only displayed by region but also by what foods it would pair well with. Very nice.

Aug 27, 07 1:23 pm

New Zeeland sauvignon blanc...pretty tasty for around $20

Aug 27, 07 1:25 pm

oh, the New Zeeland wines have gone mostly screw cap, btw

Aug 27, 07 1:26 pm

thx jasoner - everyone here has been raving about warehouse wine and spirits, but the selection there didn't impress me. however there is one in union square that i like--just forgot the name of it. i'll try your place when i get the time.

Aug 27, 07 1:48 pm

it may be cheap, but hey i'm in college still

Australian pinot grigio

Aug 27, 07 1:54 pm

tumbles and I will be drinkin' this soon...'95, of course....

(chateau batailley 1995 pauillac grand cru classe)

Aug 27, 07 4:17 pm

when the building project is finally done!

Aug 27, 07 4:56 pm

So, since nobody has said it yet... my best advice is this:

go to your local wine store, find the knowledgeable person.... tell him or her the price point that you are looking for, and something about what you are looking for (example: 'I love x because x'). Most storekeepers will gladly help you pick somthing that you will really enjoy, at any price point. Most of them even get a thrill out of the challenge of being asked to find a spectacular bottle of _____ for under $12. Most of these storekeepers are also very knowledgeable, so they can help you make decisions between what might seem like very similar bottles.

...this is also true of many sommeliers- Speak your mind, both in terms of adjectives and price.

AND- know the resale price of a 'typical' bottle, so that you have a reference point to determine hoe expensive the store is. I use V.clicquot as my reference

because it is commonly found everywhere, it is non-vintage-so you wont have different prices depending on vintage... I have found it to range in retail from $30 - $50, so the store that offers it for close to $30 will likey have other good value wines.

Aug 27, 07 5:06 pm

ahh...the widow clicquot. my favorite bubbly.

ever been to the caves in reims where the stuff is made?

really cool place.

good advice tumbles...i'd add that if a clerk seems uninterested in helping you out, i'd quickly lose interest in buying their wines.


that goes for sommeliers when you see that tip line for the wine steward who sneered at you when you asked for a nice chardonnay...don't be afraid. that's becoming more and more rare IMHO, as sommeliers these days tend towards the younger side and are as excited about helping you discover good wine as they are about wine themselves.

Aug 27, 07 5:10 pm

Hi mighty!

Aug 27, 07 5:20 pm

One of my pals is a wine rep and big time foodie; afterall, the two go hand-in-hand. He had a dinner party at his house and introduced me to Bitch Wine.

Name and bottle design aside, the wine was great. I wish I could give you a more poignant post about the tannins and bouquets of the wine, but I fear I would be talking out of my ass.

Aug 27, 07 5:22 pm
brian buchalski

for cheap wine (especially when i'm drinking alone) in a resealable package i like french rabbit

and i'm no expert, but here's a few other names of stuff i like:
-michele chiarlo barbera d'asti
-allegrini valpolicella classico
-chianti classico

Aug 27, 07 5:23 pm

these are great for non-alcohol friendly events... decent wines, too!

Aug 27, 07 5:28 pm

Oh yea, has anyone else noticed how poorly designed most wine labels are?

Most of them hurt my little designer heart.

Aug 27, 07 5:32 pm

The store around the corner from me has a good selection of Penfolds Bin Range Australian reds that I've been into lately. Cabernet, Shiraz, Mourvedre. I remember Bin 128 Shiraz being particularly good.

I like a big dry red wine.

Aug 27, 07 5:43 pm


have you ever been to a tasting room??? not the most architecturally sophisticated spaces

Aug 27, 07 5:43 pm

mmhh i would guide myself by years, maybe not go for the brand but for the region/country u like wines from.... spanish i would go for 2000 or 2002 maybe a 2004 and Chile/Argentinians for the other 2001, 2003, 2005, on the other hands u can get Australians letally and almost all years they have a good wine...

my personal choice, i drink every bottle of PRIORAT that i can find (not cheap thou, last bottle i drank here in Cabo, was a priorat of 100 dllrs, but freakin' good)

Aug 27, 07 5:45 pm

the folks at Navarro Vineyards make some dee-lish varietal grape juice too.

non-alcoholic, it's a real good time for those non-alcoholic moments which i hear some people have...but i've never experienced one.

the grape juice is still good!

hi ya' been?

Aug 27, 07 5:46 pm

He's good and he ships everywhere.

Aug 27, 07 5:49 pm

there are a few wine bars that think about architecture/interiors. my fav in Seattle is Purple Cafe and Wine Bar. Yes, that's a tower of wine!

Aug 27, 07 6:29 pm

that's a nice tower do you get the wines down from the upper levels??

ever see the one at aureole in vegas? kind of the standard by which wine towers are might know it as the one where the wine stewards have to rappel up and down to retrieve the wines.

Aug 27, 07 6:37 pm

this conversation feels familiar.... but I love the idea of the stewards as spectacle... that is- as long as you have a cocktail in hand, while awaiting the first bottle.


I'm good mighty! just startin' to get settled in SoCal. I have decided I have an AWESOME roomate, he's cooking tonight! YAY!

Those were very nice pictures of your kitchen(s) that you posted recently. Huge! was that long-linear image of a Roy's-type restaurant? (kitchen in the same room as dining room)

Aug 27, 07 6:47 pm
vado retro

cork and cracker is a fine little wineshop down the road from liberty bell's place. she turned me on to it. here's a list of their 50favoritesforunder15bucks

Aug 27, 07 7:00 pm

2006 pinot...can be had for around $12 a bottle...will be drinking it tonight at dinner with tumbles and her new roomate

Aug 27, 07 7:05 pm

vado- that's cool- the list is categorized by characteristics, rather than region or varietal. very user-friendly!

Aug 27, 07 7:06 pm
vado retro

when drinking wine, try not to lose your Wallet

Aug 27, 07 7:07 pm

so is the tumbles roomate box finished then?

Aug 27, 07 7:13 pm

tumbles - the kitchen at that place is completely open, yes, but it's not really in line with the Roy's theme. though it's funny you should mention them...we did some work for them many years ago, before i started here.

that kitchen tallied out at about 2700sf. sounds big, but it's not too big by our standards. we have some in development right now that are pushing 10,000sf.

heck, we have 1000sf residential kitchen in THAT's big.

what's on tonight's menu? aside from mdler's bottle of concannon?

Aug 27, 07 7:20 pm
A Center for Ants?


i love stuff from pauillac. had a rothschild pauillac a few weeks ago that was pretty awesome. my dad busted out an '82 for new years.

i've been enjoying wines from littorai (introduced to me at colicchio's new craft restaurant in LA) hard to find in shops tho. i'm trying to plan a trip up there to check it out and maybe grab a case :)

Aug 27, 07 7:31 pm
A Center for Ants?

and i've enjoyed drinking a light bottle of beaujolais nouveau is nice... just a few more months...

Aug 27, 07 7:34 pm

well, the roomate box is *almost* done...

everything always takes longer than expected, but the interior was finished yesterday afternoon, so that he could move his stuff inside. the (heavy) double doors still have to be hung, and the cieling framing is done, but we have to screw it on-curently only clamped on. So, I'd say his room is at 98.5%.

mine on the other hand.... I think I have to wait 3 weeks to finish mine, when I have a break from school.

I have no idea what's on the menu tonight, I was excited, and forgot to ask! but I was told that good wine parings would be either a rose, s. blanc or pinot noir... so I have some suspicions.

actually I was told 'pinot' ...
but nobody drinks pinot gris, so I think I made the right assumption ;p

Aug 27, 07 7:46 pm

I'll throw some pictures of the boxes on TC in a few days =)

Aug 27, 07 7:46 pm

what about pinot grigio?

i loves me a nice crisp and chilly pinot grigio on a warm afternoon...maybe with some fried sardines, or a few chunks of salumi.

but you're probably assuming correctly that the pinot in question is noir.

Aug 27, 07 7:52 pm
A Center for Ants?

side note but i got a bottle of vodka (my current spirit of choice) by a company called roth that makes it from a california grape-base. interested in how this'll change the flavor...

Aug 27, 07 8:00 pm

a bottle over $30 bucks tastes worth it - but should only be had when the occassion calls for it. Otherwise its just a regular expensive bottle of wine.

My favourite of favourites is Boland Cellar/Kelder Pinotage Cinsaut 2003, brilliant brilliant. Look out for it, its form South Africa...hands down pure ecstacy for the lips

Aug 27, 07 8:16 pm

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