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i was wondering whether there are people here who have transitioned from architecture to a craft-centric career and what their stories are like. by craft, i mean design and making of furniture, jewellery, traditional painting and the like ...even extending to pastry chefs...

i do not mean as an interest or subsidiary to your architectural practice. no dilettantism. and whether having an architectural backgroud was an added benefit (or a waste of time) and how it suits you more (or less) than architectural practice.


Dec 2, 12 4:03 am

fly-tieing?  i haven't made a career of it yet, though.  my illustrious profession taught me to just give it away.

Dec 2, 12 10:19 am

a friend who graduated with me and was in practice for a while subsequently started working in a kitchen, went to culinary school, and then worked as chef in several good gigs before opening his own well-regarded restaurant in barcelona. with one of our architecture professors as his front-of-house partner, no less!

Dec 2, 12 12:03 pm

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