want to know whether m des in product design will increase my prospect to get in to march 1st prof degree


1>hi friends i have a bachelors in civil engineering ,want to apply for first professional degree in architecture,before applying to march 1 ,i m thinking of first doing a masters in industrial this a good idea???will it increase my chances of getting a good college .???

2>also i have a 62 % on 100 scale of all 8 semesters and have 71% in the final here(qualifying degree). how to convert it into cgpa out of 4 .i stay in india and our college has a 22 rank in india,

expecting reply friends 

Nov 12, 12 10:27 am

I studied Industrial design at San Jose State and it  played a role not only in getting into an M.arch program - also a vehicle for architecture design and I use those skills everyday esp with regards to light fixture design. There are some firms like FrogProject where they want both degrees.

Nov 12, 12 5:25 pm

thanks xenakis 

Nov 12, 12 7:29 pm

any one plz help me out to convert my percentages to cgpa ,in our class highest average is 77% and my rank is around 22 .so plz help me for conversion

Nov 13, 12 8:34 am

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