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Over at the great new videotecture feature some of us have been giving some suggestions. Paul even mentioned that they may even become part of another feature.

Post your videotecture

Jul 16, 07 7:37 pm

Reposting these:

-Cansei de Ser Sexy's Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above dematerializes Sao Paolo.

-Molotov brings us a perspective from the U.S./Mexico border not even a wall can keep them in their side of the wall... They also play with space, axes, and the generic in Here we Kum

-This chemical brothers piece is always a favorite, the built environment as music Star Guitar

-The White Stripes have made many videos in which they play with space, the city, etc... one of my favorites is hardest button

-BONUS: UNKLE's eye for an eye, I am not sure what, but there is something there.

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Jul 16, 07 7:39 pm  · 

i like the video for radiohead's "pyramid song".

Jul 16, 07 7:49 pm  · 
it's a simple box of a space
Jul 16, 07 7:54 pm  · 

everything michel gondry does is amazing. my favorite being this one.

Jul 16, 07 8:04 pm  · 

oops.. already noted above.. good taste i guess

Jul 16, 07 8:07 pm  · 

Outkast's Morris Brown is a comical view of a sun belt city, suburb, and amusement park. Plus who doesn't love a purple dog?

Jul 16, 07 10:24 pm  · 

i guess i'll repost mine as well..

free-falling from space, then more helm-cam action landing in the ocean in this boards of canada video.

although i do not like to affiliate myself with the band, i just noticed maroon 5 shot a video in front of caltrans in LA.

also, why no architecture in helsinki!?. alright, so maybe their videos don't have much.. but there has to be something said about fitting that many people into such a small room with instruments. ;)

ever been to a party that is so hot it actually is on fire? daft punk brings us this video explaining the necessary need for well designed fire emergency systems.

when sick dance moves control the architecture. wait until the near end of the video by cut copy.

and this one is just mind-blowing..

top five most awesomest backwards videos ever.

field music brings us a neat video of continuous line drawing to music.

zero-7. i don't even know what this is. but the kids at sci-arc and ucla should love it.

justice vs. simian. don't pass out at a party.. too bad for them these guys passed their structures class

Jul 17, 07 12:27 am  · 

Two rap videos:

-Ghostface Killah's All That I got is You is a small window into the way poor people live in many american cities.

-The Roots' Dont Say Nuthin makes the city come alive in this video.

Jul 17, 07 7:10 am  · 

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