Metal/Plastic Business Cards


Does anyone know of a reputable compnay in the NYC Metro area that does good metal/plastic business cards, double sided for a decent price, not too cheap but not outrageously expensive

I could do them myself on a laser cutter but i just want to get them done quick and painlessly

Any ideas?

Jul 3, 07 4:50 pm
Jul 4, 07 1:09 am

i have metal cards.....

funny thing is that i ordered mine about 5 years ago...i just contacted them recently and they remembered my card by my company name...... cool....


Jul 4, 07 2:48 am

you think they do any with a copper or nicklke finish

Jul 4, 07 9:28 pm

check this for metal business cards : 

Oct 31, 11 1:33 pm

Yeah,,, I know one buddy.

I just received the metal cards; the work was impressive, congratulations! Right now I’m creating a new design for my next metal business cards. The quality of the cards: A+++++++.

Dec 2, 15 2:16 am

Hi you can try ,We can do this for you without any problem :)

Jun 19, 16 10:02 am

Can we all take this opportunity provided by these spammers to reflect on how passe metal and plastic cards are?

Jun 19, 16 11:18 am
All the cool kids know brick business cards are all the rage now. Louis Kahn never had to ask what metal wanted to be.
Jun 19, 16 11:35 am

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