Mullion material question


Have any of you seen the mullions designed by H&dM on 40 Bond Street in NYC?  

I'm drawing some ideas from their fat, rounded shape.  Basically, I would like to design a mullion with the same basic shape.  Instead of being greenish-clear glass, I would like for the mullion to be cast-iron with a heavier feel.  Is there a type of cast-iron that holds up well outdoors?  I don't want these mullions to be rusty 1 year after installation.  Thanks for any insight and help!

 - TheCyclist

Oct 22, 12 1:26 pm

Porcelain-coated cast iron. Good luck finding a time machine to go back to the 19th-century though.

The only supplier I can think of off the top of my head is Neolith. And Neolith, I believe, is iron-coated porcelain.

Oct 22, 12 1:32 pm


I appreciate your help.  If the cast iron mullions get coated in porcelain, will they lose the rough, gritty texture cast iron pans have?  Thanks for your time and help!

 - TheCyclist

Oct 22, 12 6:48 pm

This image might have answered my question.  It looks like they are coated, and they still have the texture I desire.

Oct 22, 12 6:49 pm

That image looks like powder coated cast iron or aluminium - something like AkzoNobel's Interpon metallic coatings. Probably the weight/strength factor of massive cast iron makes it completely unfeasible for window mullions, but I really like the idea.

Oct 23, 12 6:07 am

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