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I am planning on building a coffee table in the very near future. Basically, the table is an 'X' shape base supporting a glass top. I was thining of using hardwood strips and stacking them to construct the base but am now leaning in another direction

I am wondering if there are any good wood like products made of recycled content or come out of some sort of sustainable process. The material needs to be cleanly cuttable, stackable and glueable.

Jun 14, 07 1:09 pm

You can use reclaimed wood, a composite (plastic) product, or recycled plastic. Grocery bags are recycled into 'lumber' that can be cut, drilled, sanded, milled.... just like wood, and is available in several colours. I have yet to use the product, but I designed some furniture around it. A google search will tell you a bit more (my computer's packed away right now, so I can't get to my info directly).

Jun 14, 07 1:26 pm  · 

stacked cardboard! (ok so that's not wood but it does look nice)

Jun 14, 07 2:38 pm  · 

a reclaimed door...

could be nice if it's panelized... saw into strips and do a running bond or random bond...

or just cut to the height you need...

Jun 14, 07 2:46 pm  · 

you should be able to get re-used glass. Usually from sliding doors - they are about 3/8" thick and sometimes with a cool tint

Jun 14, 07 9:35 pm  · 

phone books - fairly obsolete and easily obtained
old magazines
carpet samples

Jun 14, 07 10:21 pm  · 

thanks for the responses. The reused sliding door sounds good- i will look into that tomorrow.

Keep them coming.

I found plyboo and kenaf board which look pretty interesting. Any other, dare I say greeeeeeen, materials would be appreciated.

Jun 14, 07 10:44 pm  · 

did you ever build this table? i'm thinking about doing this. what are your favorite designs?

May 29, 08 6:46 pm  · 

just hit up a local millwork shop...they throw out alot of stuff......

most of my furniture is from found items that i just cleaned up/cut/etc...

you can go to a thrift store to find a glass top...or go to a glass store and see if they have some "damaged" glass that they cant might be able to get a decent piece for cheap simply because it might have a scratch or a dimple in it....


May 29, 08 6:55 pm  · 

nice, thanks. your drafting table with the light is sweet. i was thinking about all black metal; where other than a junk yard?

May 29, 08 7:06 pm  · 

if you are looking at table stuff.... just call up an older architecture firm and see if they have any desk to get rid of..... and art schools....

also search for stuff....

May 29, 08 7:13 pm  · 

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