I have been using Rhino via Bootcamp for a couple of years and it runs fine.  No real issues.  I recently used a trial of the new Parallels and I thought it was going to work with Rhino 5 just fine but while dragging an object, it will suddenly jettison off to another part of the universe and leaving me to scramble finding the bloody drawing.  I thought it was a mouse issue but Apple's mouse or a Logictech mouse both produced the same problem--otherwise it worked fine.  Most of my work is top view drafting so I am not asking a lot of Rhino.

I know this may be not be resolveable, but I was curious if anyone knows of a fix.  I like my mac and I like rhino--the Rhino for mac is not for prime time for sure--and it all works fine with bootcamp--just would like the convenience.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Oct 10, 12 8:35 am
i r giv up



that's what you get for not researching your product before you buy.

Oct 10, 12 11:03 am

not helpful

no purchases were made, it was a trial version of parallels and I had another mouse 

so if you don't have a real answer to my question other than ridicule why do you bother to answer



Oct 16, 12 9:11 am

I want to learn rhino and grasshopper. How is it, obviously architecture firms use it, but is it kind of like sketch up or auto cad is it wroth learning from a cad drafter's perspective?


Sorry to answer you question with another question.

Oct 16, 12 9:54 am

MYDream - it's worth learning from and architect/designer/programmer perspective -it's not a drafting tool.

Oct 16, 12 11:35 am

It can be a drafting tool.  It is similar in many ways to Autocad and a very sophisticated Sketchup.   It can do other things as well, but it is useful for drafting.  I use that part of the its abilities all the time.  It also has some great cross platform abilities--it can open and work with cad drawings and things can be saved for cad.  Is it the program of choice for architectural firms?--I would guess that is still Autocad.  I like it better than auto cad but perhaps that is just a personal preference.  Perhaps others will have more insight.

Oct 18, 12 7:58 am

I personally love Rhino for drafting.  Not as powerful as Autocad, but still does the job really quickly.

Oct 18, 12 9:56 am

 Rhino sounds great, if it has drafting capabilities and i know you can use v-ray on it. Sounds like a great software to add to a professional's arsenal.

Oct 18, 12 10:28 am

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