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Does anyone use Gehry's Digital Project?  Or is it reserved for the elite?  I can't seem to find much info for students interested in learning it.. Any links, resources, tutorials etc would be much appreciated.

Oct 7, 12 5:55 am
i r giv up

i really don't know any firm other than SOM and Gehry (both the actual studio and GT, and also the many little offshots from the partners that have left and started their own offices) that actually use that thing. I've used it, it's extremely powerful. Back then revit wasn't really widespread, but the stuff that you could do with it was borderline amazing, and making decent STL files from Digital Project was superbly easy.... But that was years ago. I've heard of some really interesting stuff being done with the fact that you can use any number of .net languages to feed data into it and construct geometry from that data, and how it links really well with many little databases (vb .net -> SQL) or pseudo-database software (excel).


As to links and resources, the actual manual in the program was superbly helpful.. get your hands on that and you'll be mostly set.

Oct 7, 12 10:59 am

The GT youtube channel got me started...

Last year GT created quite an alliance among his fellow starchitects and they've begun incorporating DP into their given offices...the list includes...

  • Zaha Hadid
  • Moshe Safdie
  • David Rockwell
  • Laurie Olin
  • Ben van Berkel
  • David Childs
  • Massimo Colomban,
  • Greg Lynn
  • Wolf Prix
  • Matthias Schuler
  • Patrik Schumacher
  • Richard Saul Wurman

I've also heard that several firms in China are trying to use it (and will pay big if you already know it) because of its amazing fabrication outputs that i r giv up mentioned before. 

Oct 7, 12 11:47 am

Last time I heard SOM wasn't using Digi Project as much as they used to and started to cut back on it because it was too costly, that may have changed in the last two years though. Two years ago when I was learning it, there were hardly any resources besides a few videos on and a couple youtube videos for power copy.  My professor at the time was a former director at SHoP, so he was the primary learning source.

Oct 7, 12 12:53 pm

yeah, I know a few more firms using digital project..  Anyone know if Catia is similar to digital project?  I might learn Catia instead since they seem to have more resources available, that is if I can switch to digiproject in the future and pick it up quick due to similarities.

Is it possible to get educational copies of Digital Project?

Oct 7, 12 7:34 pm

Digital Project is basically a subset of Catia.  They bundled the things a architect might use in Catia, because Catia is massive, and created DP.

The guy I learned DP from hadn't ever used it, he was a Catia expert and could use DP because of that.  He said there were some differences but it was a easy knowledge transfer.

Oct 7, 12 9:10 pm

Since GT and Autodesk formalized a partnership, they're (GT) doing a lot more of their modeling in Revit rather than DP.

Oct 8, 12 5:32 pm

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