Window Manufacturer - Is Jeld-Wen good?


Hello Archinect...Hoping you can offer some recommendations for affordable window manufacturers. 

I recently bough a 100 year old home that needs over 20 new windows installed. The windows have some sill rot, but for the most part are in OK condition and I can get away with pocket (insert) window replacement rather than full tear outs.  Of course I'd prefer wood with Alum cladding over vinyl.

I got quotes from a few contractors and they're mostly above my price range once you add labor.  Jeld-Wen was the lowest cost, but I'm not at all familiar with that brand and they seem to have not the best reputation online. My contractors say they're equivalent to Pella (which I realize is also not excellent...but Marvin and Loewen are nearly double their cost).

So, do you have any experience with Jeld-Wen? Are they fine? Or maybe you can recommend another manufacturer that offers a decent but affordable wood window?

For what it's worth, I'm in NJ.


Oct 1, 12 2:38 pm

Arch specifier here. I'm familiar with them, but would not recommend them for anything but low end (aka residential) projects. Pella is shit too. What kind of a climate are you in? I'd let them slide in a moderate climate, but anything too hot or too cold, they are not a great return on investment. Especially with escalating energy costs. What types of windows are you getting? Hung, casement, awning, fixed? How is the rest of the house construction? What is the composition of a typical wall? No use in getting high performance windows if the rest of the house is drafty. 

Forget vinyl. We are trying to phase that stuff out (environmental concernes). Wood or aluminum clad wood. Probably later. Can't really comment beyond this without context. 

Oct 1, 12 3:46 pm  · 

Hi Rusty...I should have mentioned that I'm an architect myself...But now I'm in the position of doing a serious budget renovation for myself. All my clientele are much more wealthy, so I'm more used to specifying Marvin, Loewen, Crittal, or custom windows, etc. I'm not as familiar with the Mid to lower-end market.  

For what it's worth, the house is insulated wood frame, and the windows will all be Double Hungs with one Casement. It's a lot of windows. 18 on just the first floor alone, and each one is about 3'6 x 5'-6" so most of our thermal problems are caused by the windows. 

Oct 1, 12 4:46 pm  · 

In the lower-price bracket, you can get good thermally-broken aluminum windows for not much money. I've had good results with the Milgard 920 series.

Oct 1, 12 4:57 pm  · 

"who is we in the "we are trying to phase that stuff out"

I really can't speak openly about illuminati, but PVC and CPVC contain known carcinogens. 

Refer to Living Building Challenge and Green Guide for Healthcare MR 4.1

Oct 1, 12 10:35 pm  · 

I'd second gwharton's suggestion for going with thermally broken units, if budget allows.

Oct 1, 12 10:36 pm  · 

I don't know much about Jeld-Wen. But you can try Anderson.

Oct 11, 12 9:40 am  · 

I am a architect from Princeton NJ and we used Jeld-Wen  replacement window all the time. They are well build and last 20 years or so and are OK priced. 3 years ago we switch to Kurpiewski vinyl replacement windows from Kurpiewski Window Manufacture and we are very happy with there quality and value. Farleft since you are on a budget like most of us Kurpiewski Windows Manufacture will be a company you want to look in to. They will most likely fit your budget since there strategy is selling directly to architects and remodelers cutting out middle man and they spend 0 on  advertising.

Jul 4, 17 11:43 am  · 

We have used the on modest social housing projects only.  Good look, good color and finish choices, basic functionality but not great performance.

Jul 5, 17 1:55 pm  · 

i like marvin integrity wood ultrex for a cost effective window unit that isn't dropping to vinyl. Fiber glass frame window w/ wood interior. There's also an all-ultrex version for wet areas (or just more economical).

pretty good alternative when you can't afford a more traditional alum clad wood. the exterior is paintable too, but you're trying to save money here so just work with the standard finishes

Jul 5, 17 2:28 pm  · 

Sorry its Kurpiewski Windows Producer. Got a IM about name. Yes Proto i like Marvin too they produce good windows. But still too pricey for most home owners. At the university in Princeton they use to only use Anderson to about 10 years ago. Now they use Marvin and a couple other brands and producers. 

Jul 7, 17 1:08 pm  · 

Lots of experience with JW Windows they are good for very low budget projects. My daughter lives in New Jersey and just had her window replaced with Kurpiewski Windows and she is very happy. Said the  Kurpiewski replacement windows work great and the price was very attractive for her too. I just seen the Kurpiewski Windows today and they look good. Very big and strong pvc profiles. Looks like they will last for a very long time. But back to JW, for a 100 year old restoration project buy Anderson wood clad windows you wont regret them. They look good and last 20 years.

Jul 10, 17 5:19 pm  · 

Hi guys, I live in New York and have a beach house in LBI Long Beach Island New Jersey. I bought a fixer upper about 7 years ago. Its time for windows now. I first thought Anderson A or E serious but they are $2,600 for a replacement window with installation. The Anderson 400 serious is about $1,500 for a replacement window. But the 400 series is not the best window. I seen them on projects 10-15 years later and i don't want that in my home. I am interested in the Pella or  Kurpiewski virgin vinyl replacement windows. Heard all good things about Kurpiewski Windows. Seen Kurpiewski Windows in person many times new and 10 years later and they work and look great, very solid window. I cant find a local contractor that has a contract to installs them, so i don't know how much they cost. Dose anyone know ? 

Jul 14, 17 11:36 am  · 

lotta recent registrants pumping a window i've never heard of (even when i was an east coaster)

what to make of that?

Jul 14, 17 1:38 pm  · 


Ordered a $5500 Stegbar/Airlite aluminium stacker door.
Was told it would take 5.5 weeks.
They canceled the delivery with less than 24 hours notice. Said it would be a week later.
That left me $1000 out of pocket. (had to pay tradies i had booked)
Doors arrived....the handle is loose and there's a large scratch on one frame that was UNDER the protective plastic.
They said they "investigated" and that it wasn't their fault. Not going to fix it.
When it arrived it also didn't have the glass in the fixed panel....that would take a further 2 weeks to book in. (this was in the pages of quotes and invoices, but who reads that) i get that it was my oversight, but a quick mention of something so important would make sense.
By this time i'm pretty unhappy so i ring the state sales manager, who has never returned that call. I write a letter to the CEO, now they're going to fix the scratch, but he still doesn't bother replying to my letter in any way.
They were due to come and fix the scratch last week, and a day out they called to cancel the service call. They're not ready. 
Two days later they come to fix it…..they have the wrong parts, they’ll be  back next week. Arrrgghhhh.
Following Tuesday get a text, cancelling again.
So we are now at about 11 weeks since we ordered the doors, more than a month after installation, and it’s still not complete.
This is a huge company that sells Airlite, Stegbar, and many many other new build related products. The parent company is called Jeld Wen. If you see this company on a web site you're looking at, run for your life.
Go with a smaller company who cares about it's customers.

UPDATE We are now more than 3 months after the order. They have booked and postponed 2 service calls. 3rd one they told us would be in the afternoon, they arrived in the morning with no one home and didn't have the right part...FOR THE 2ND TIME, and they added stoppers on the sliding panels without anyone asking or even talking about them and our STACKER DOORS DON'T STACK ANYMORE, There's an almost 70cm wall of aluminium when the doors are open because the frames are no longer able to line up. Looks terrible. Now there are 2 holes at the bottom of 2 of the panels where they attached the stoppers, which i can't remove because they are attached with special screws. this has been an absolute bloody disaster from the start.


Jul 11, 19 5:44 pm  · 

You know this isn't yelp, right?

Jul 12, 19 12:00 pm  · 

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