fiscal cliff?


what happens if we go over it?  What do you all think will be the outcome in jan.

Yes another economic thread, I can't think of anything more important to us all right now than the economy.

Sep 21, 12 3:05 am

the only way out is FORWARD.

Sep 21, 12 8:09 am


Sep 21, 12 8:45 am


Sep 21, 12 8:48 am

Now we are talking, perhaps following the footsteps of Chuck Jones or Ub Iwerks and forget architecture and really be creative!


Those SouthPark boys, forgot about architecture and look at that!

Sep 21, 12 8:38 pm

still no deal...Will this push architecture back into recession?

Dec 31, 12 12:51 pm

Basically America's poor and unemployed pushed to the icy streets. Happy new year evil empire!

Jan 1, 13 3:12 pm

clinton tax rates = evil empire?

Jan 1, 13 3:54 pm

We went off the cliff a long time ago, it's just a long fall to the bottom. 

There's a reason that clients have been yelling at architects to take their money before the 2013 fiscal year.

Jan 1, 13 3:58 pm

look man, i don't care whoever the fuck it is okay.. i am not a partisan. evil empire across the board. we all have our part in it. for once use your common sense without a party/politician speak.

Jan 1, 13 3:58 pm

usa is an evil empire?  why would you want to live in an evil empire?

Jan 1, 13 5:01 pm

i live wherever the fuck i want. none of your business. go drink your tea.

Jan 1, 13 5:11 pm

I think this was a set up so all the Senators and Congress could come back to Washington DC for New Years Eve  Parties. Thrown by none other than the Lobbies who seem to be their very best friends when they leave office.  It beats the shit out of sitting back in North Dakota  freezing you ass off and having to celebrate with the New High Plain Oil Men who were dirt poor sheep herders just a couple of years ago and now they are happy a pigs rolling around in shit.

Jan 1, 13 5:22 pm

drink tea?  why?

Jan 1, 13 8:52 pm
won and done williams

If it passes, I personally only lose the 2% associated with the payroll tax holiday. Everything else stays the same. The bill pretty accurately reflects what we got in the November election - maintain the status quo.

Jan 1, 13 10:27 pm

i think i'm with you won and done.  i woke up and came to work today with a 2% pay cut and no offsetting cost of living increases.  i take solace in the fact that if i were to inherit 5 million dollars tomorrow i would not have to pay taxes on that though.  it's sort of like rewarding hard work, except the exact opposite.  at least the cost of milk didn't double today (i haven't been to the store, so please correct me if i'm mistaken)

Jan 2, 13 10:15 am
won and done williams

What I find most frustrating is the total lack of creativity by both Republicans and Democrats. There was much I disagreed with in Simpson-Bowles, but it was at least comprehensive. Even Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, despite its many inadequacies, in retrospect offered a fresh approach. I voted for Obama and still believe he is better for the country than the other guy, but my expectations for the next four years are pretty low. I put very little stock in the public sector, executive or legislative, federal or state, to do anything innovative or even intelligent these days.

Jan 2, 13 11:36 am

Won and Curt, do you make over $400K / year??

Jan 2, 13 11:56 am
2% now and it will be another 2% when the next "cliff" comes up...and so on...a band-aid is a shitty way to cover a gun shot wound.
Jan 2, 13 11:59 am
won and done williams

miesian, the 2% has nothing to do with income tax rates; it's associated with your payroll taxes. It was lowered in 2010 from 6.2% to 4.2% and called the "payroll tax holiday." It expired this year. Basically every U.S. worker will be hit by the increase. Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 13 12:20 pm

Noshit. I only read a brief article on the new bill this morning and all they mentioned was the tax increase on the wealthy. I thought everyone was for keeping the payroll tax-cut. Fuckers.

Jan 2, 13 12:25 pm
On the fence

Should have jumped off.

Jan 2, 13 2:42 pm

I'm just adding more water on everything...

Jan 3, 13 5:11 pm

First paycheck since they struck the "deal" and I'm not losing $106/month. Happy New Year indeed. 

Jan 4, 13 10:25 am

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