11x17 printer suggestions?


Can anyone suggest a decent printer that can handle 11x17 or so for under $1,000?
I send out anything critical / intended for clients, but something decent for progress prints is what I'm after.

Apr 18, 07 1:38 pm

the epson 2200 is real nice. photo quality, 7 ink cartirdges, and now that they have released an epson with 8 ink cartridges, the 7 cartridge model prices should have dropped considerably.

Apr 18, 07 1:50 pm
work for idle hands

i have an hp 9800 was $500 when i bought it about 4 years ago and is probably cheaper now. Photo quality is great, and it's still going strong with no probs so far. The only annoyance is that there are 2 ink cart. holders for 3 ink cart. (depending on what you're printing you can replace one with a photo cartridge, but if you really are mostly gonna print 1/2 size bw drawings this may not matter).. and it runs through ink very fast. but for quality and reliablity i love it.

Apr 18, 07 1:59 pm

i have the hp 9800 deskjet too... it works great... i think that it runs around $300 these days...

Apr 18, 07 2:07 pm

I used to have an Epson 2000, and the thing blew. There was a dull quality to the color which no exchange of paper, or calibration was able to remove, and the ink was ridiculously hard to find, expensive, and needed replacing far too often. My friend bought an Epson (I think it was one of the previous versions from the 9800 line) around the same time, and had far better luck with it.

Apr 18, 07 2:12 pm

rationalist with the epson where you using photo ink on matte paper or vice versa? that can definatly cause a problem, then again it might just be a matter of taste, i fell in love with the epson after i saw how well it printed my portfolio and never strayed since.

Apr 18, 07 2:20 pm

I love my HP 1.5 years ago on with a coupon...for about $250....

Apr 18, 07 2:26 pm

quixotica- there was only one type of ink for the 2000. At least, there was only one type of ink that anybody sold (see my other complaint, way too hard to find the ink!). But I tried it with regular paper, glossy photo, matte photo, all kinds of different paper, and it just didn't have the richness to it that I was looking for.

Apr 18, 07 2:32 pm

Thanks, all. The 9800 it will be then.

Apr 18, 07 2:52 pm

i have HP 9800. only problem I have with HP9800 is
sometimes it sucks up more than one paper.
otherwise, i am loving it.

Apr 18, 07 3:00 pm

I love my epson 1280... Its probably outdated by now but I got it over 3 years ago at $500.

Also, I've switched over to cheap ink ($3 vs. $30 for a cartridge) and the quality is imperceptible.

Apr 18, 07 3:01 pm

What is cheap ink? Do you mean generic brand or are you filling the cartridges yourself. I live near a walgreens and they fill cartridges up for you. The HP 56 black cartridge cost $10.00 to fill up and it sales for $19.99 new.

Apr 18, 07 4:13 pm

its a 'premium brand compatible ink' series... G&G is the brand I get, here:


Highly recommended...

Apr 18, 07 4:22 pm
black francis

Epson 1280 and 2200 are still industry standard (graphic design) for proof printing and are still great photo quality printers. I believe you can get the 1280 for about $300 these days. and it prints 13x19 border-less.

Apr 18, 07 5:22 pm

wow. i'm beginning to think that i just have a defective hp 9800, because mine is a piece of junk. compared to the color quality and resolution i used to get out of my 5-year old epson, my 9800 is horrible. what are you guys printing from? my 9800 works fine for vector prints, but anything that is supposed to be photo-quality looks like it came out of a consumer-grade printer.

Apr 18, 07 5:38 pm

I'm thinking my epson 2000 might have been a fluke, too... maybe it was a bump on the road to developing this supposedly awesome 2200?

Apr 18, 07 5:41 pm

I am very pleased with my Cannon 9900i. I bought my printer 6 months ago for $500. The ink is $12.99/each at Staples.

Apr 18, 07 5:45 pm
work for idle hands

hmm.. 'consumer-grade printer'?...what do you mean by that, i thought the 9800 was a consumer grade printer...(vs. the $10,000+ laserjet that we had at arch school that essentially printed a perfect photograph, for instance)

it is heavily dependent on the type of paper one uses, of course... i bought some kodak paper that was on sale once and the prints were god awful, but certain high gloss papers looked great, forget which ones at the moment. (actually, a cheap heavy matte paper made by office depot made some of the best prints...used it for my resume which had pics.

course you might've gotten a lemon.. it happens.

Apr 18, 07 5:52 pm

It seems like you get the best prints off the epson when you use epson paper as well, Sucks that they stick you from both ends but when printing with epson paper the improvement is noticeable

Apr 18, 07 5:55 pm

must be a lemon...

the 9800 markets itself as a printer for professionals...targeting as its competition the epson 1280 and 2200, which, as noted above, are industry standards for proof-prints (ie. not 'consumer grade').

Apr 18, 07 5:57 pm

I have the Canon i9900. Got it right before the newer Canon Pro 9000 came out so it was only $400. It will do full bleeds and prints up to 13" wide. I love it and have had zero problems with it.

Apr 18, 07 7:39 pm

i picked up an epson 1280 3 years ago for $300.

It burns through ink, but the quality of the images is really good. used it for my thesis + portfolio, resumes + teasers and occais. photos, though i tend to shoot a lot of film/slides over digital and thus have to get it processed + developed.

Apr 18, 07 11:32 pm

I too was looking for a decent 11x17. I opted for this one:

Really good and very happy.


Jun 19, 18 6:04 am

Ummm... when I had my small firm, if you are doing a hundred prints monthly... just lease a printer.  It is a full write-off on taxes, they repair it, they provide the toner, and you can upgrade down the line easily.  I think it was a couple hundred a month to lease, but can't remember for sure. 

I like the HP's best.  Mostly because their drivers were stable as hell, regularly updated, and multiple platform.  So when windows did an upgrade, the printer driver was seamless... unlike an Canon I once had.  

If you don't need a real printer and don't mind spending a ton on ink if you print a lot... I use a HP 9000 all-in-one (printer, fax, scanner, wireless) at home.  It's drivers are also robust and I can print from my phone or any other device I loaded the HP app on (apple, android, and windows).  

Jun 20, 18 6:45 pm

The printer depends upon your work so if you want to for office work then take dot matrix printer or you can check suggestions on Microsoft Office Support for the suggestions and help.

Jun 20, 18 7:54 pm

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