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I've searched the forum, but wasn't able to locate information on the Boston Architectural College's distance program focusing on Historic Preservation. For years I've gone back and forth about going on to grad school, specifically for architecture. As thoughts and interests have changed, I'm seriously considering the program.

Has anyone on the forum gone through the program?

As a more general question to architects, is there a place for this degree in your field? I can google/wiki all day, and of course it states things I can do with this degree, but I'd like to hear something from a working architect. 

Thanks for any input.

Dylan Green

Jul 22, 12 1:34 pm

You are paying a premium for a degree that is providing you a far inferior education. I was a BAC student for a few years before transferring out (not in their distance program) but I will say the collective work that is produced in the program is dismal.

Feb 6, 13 9:34 pm

It boggles me that this Median kid is speaking or a program he was never in lol.  Talk about bitter.  I heard nothing but good things from the Distance M.Arch program which is why I chose to attend the school. I know some architects that not only got through the program but work at big firms in where I live Columbus, OH.   The program is very populat among working architects and you should look into it.

Apr 4, 13 10:38 am

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