Telicious Robinson

Telicious Robinson

Columbus, OH, US



I have two undergraduate pre-professional degrees from two different colleges. I began my college career at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio right out of high school. Upon completing my junior year I found out that this college was not accredited in architecture. Instantly I looked for ways to transfer but most schools said that I would have had to start from the beginning with not having an accredited degree. From there I decided my best option was to graduate from BGSU and apply to Kent State University (KSU) post undergraduate program.
What I took from BGSU was the experience of completed 3 internships. I got chances to work in office settings and jobs that range from 30 employees to 2 employees. It helped also tremendously when I decided to attend KSU because I was somewhat a step ahead of my classmates in knowledge and determination to get things done. It helped to sharpen my computer skills as well as my outlook and view on the field. Even though the KSU program allowed for me to transfer over my General Education courses I still had to retake all design studio over as well as tackle courses in systems, computer applications and theory to name a few. Most people wouldn’t have gone through such drastic measures to get an accredited degree but I take my love for architecture very seriously and most importantly this is my dream. After graduating from KSU I decided to focus on my life and try and gain more work experience. However I always knew I needed a professional degree which is why I decided to attend Boston Architectural College (BAC) accredited Distance MArch program in order to advance my career as a licensed architect. BAC program allows for their students to work full time while attending their program.


WA Architects, Columbus, OH, US, Architectural Intern

OSU selects design/build team of Messer Construction, HKS Architects, KZF Design, Schooley Caldwell and WA Architect to complete the $370M North Residential District Transformation project.
• I have done detail sections as well as exterior elevation finishes and detailing.
• Working closely with interior designers I have also been elected by HKS to complete all the interior renders for presentations for currently 5 of the 12 new buildings.
• Work on Revit in organizing door schedules, completing signage with some RFIs.

Nov 2013 - current

Contempo Communications, Cleveland, OH, US, Freelance Designer

Currently doing contract work for them pertaining to the Cleveland Indians. Working on different con concepts ideas on Sketchup and Kerkythea for different suites.

May 2012 - current

PCI Design Group, Westerville, OH, US, Intern Architect

• Working on a vast majority of low income housing projects that includes townhomes, and apartment complexes.
• Site design and code review.
• Work on Construction drawings on Autocad with some revit work.
• Scan, copy, print, and transmit original working drawings of current projects.
• Organize and maintain project files.

Feb 2013 - Nov 2013

Ziska Architecture, Cleveland, OH, US, drafter

Work on Autocad creating elevations, sections and floorplans. Primarily worked on Church designs and layouts.

Jul 2012 - Oct 2012

Digital Fabrication and Print Center, Kent, OH, US, computer operator

My duties included working the laser cutter, printing out various presentation boards for
design students and making sure each printing station runs smoothly in the architecture

Jan 2011 - Nov 2011

City Architecture, Cleveland, OH, US, Intern

Worked as a CAD operator intern on such programs AutoCAD 2006 and SketchUp.
• Doing fieldwork by visiting sites and taking photos of the structure as well as collecting
different measurements of the buildings.
• Participating in putting together presentation boards as well as binding documents.
• Learned a lot about efficiency and time management.
• My works including making roof and floor plans, electrical plans and doing elevations and

Sep 2008 - Jan 2009

Calvin Singleton & Assoc., Cleveland Heights, OH, Intern

• Working on a program called DataCAD making elevations, sections etc.
• Doing fieldwork by visiting sites of clients.
• Go over Code Reviews

Jun 2008 - Aug 2008

Vista Volunteer Worker, Cleveland, OH, US, Counselor/Drug Prevention specialist

Worked at a summer camp with young children as a counselor and mentor.
• Taught the children in a class called Wearable Arts where they could create art on
clothing and take them home to wear them.
• Taught the young girls basketball and got tried to mentor them to be positive and to
continue their education.

May 2007 - Apr 2008

Carngie Engineering, Cleveland, OH, US, Intern

• Worked as a CAD operator intern on such programs AutoCAD 2006 and SketchUp. Also
looked over a variety of floor plans which included Retail projects in the Cleveland area.
• On AutoCAD I was responsible for installing all of the electrical and mechanical
components into the architectural drawings for construction workers and architects.

May 2005 - Aug 2005

Independent Study/Jones Wood Architects, London, England, Intern

Worked primarily on a Spa called Alma Verda in AutoCAD as well as SketchUp
• Works also includes Children’s Centers, and family housing

May 2005 - Jun 2005


Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, MArch, Distance Masters of Architecture

Mar 2013 - current

Kent State University, Kent, OH, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2009 - May 2012

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2003 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization