i suppose all of the cuts of this "petals" were done in a digital fabrication way, modelling plus laser cut or something (i want to suppose), so then what is the point of stamping each of 'em by hand!!?? i dunno, i really dont get what's up with this year pavillion

Jul 16, 07 5:16 pm  · 

they were digitally fabricated so i am assuming the "stamping" references the method of attaching the grommet itself (the hardware) to the mylar. They could have (and should have) laser cut the grommet holes...i can't imagine why they would do that by hand.

Also, creating the holes by hand would allow for too much human error and might end in the system not lining up and or completing itself.

Jul 16, 07 5:29 pm  · 

why, dear god, why?
this competition has officially gone from weak to utterly lame.

Jul 16, 07 5:31 pm  · 
Orphan (should be Orhan, thanks.;.) did you go and see Maximilian's shell at M&A?

those pictures you see in the middle of the page are my photographs. it was a very successful installation there.

Jul 16, 07 6:21 pm  · 

exactly WTD thats why i can't understand the whole thing, specially since the project at L.A. seemed very nicely and smoothly done.... i dunno... seems the shoes were too big, the problem for the public (forget the critics), a shitty execution (like PS1) erases inmediatelly a nice execution (as L.A.)....

anyways...hope someone from the inside of the office would say something in this thread, or there any PRESS RELEASE where the office complains about the limited time/money or something "weird" that had affected the final result??

Jul 16, 07 6:23 pm  · 

so sorry Orhan (I do know your name)! my fingers didn't pay attention to my brain!

Didn't it just feel nice to be inside? I visited it on several occasions, at different times of the day, and it was great how the light quality changed...

Jul 16, 07 6:28 pm  · 
KEG of my old profs worked on the LA install (it was immaculately constructed), I'll email him to see if he had anything to do with PS1...try an get his perspective...

or maybe a 'nector can organize an interview w/ Ball & Nogues? (hey...big guys up there...can you hear me? maybe Orhan or Q?)

sorry again about messing up your name, Orhan!

Jul 16, 07 6:33 pm  · 

I think every architect that wins this project ends up complaining about the time and money.

Scratch that, every architect on every project everywhere complains about time and money ...

Jul 16, 07 6:47 pm  · 

i agree with not without...looks like ball/nogues was hampered by technology and technique that the end result lacked the overall punch...unlike the maximillian shell that resembled some type of intentional and coherent form...

Jul 16, 07 7:00 pm  · 

I think you guys should take another look. Hopefully someone will post some more photos. Now that the down funnels are in the space completely changes.

In terms of criticism, c'mon guys, this thing is bigger and more complex than anything else that ps1 has done. I would like to see any of you co-ordinate the engineering and design for a project like this in TWO months. Not to sound confrontational, but I think to their credit these guys did a great job in spite of the problems they faced.

If you have questions about it send them an email.

Jul 30, 07 2:13 pm  · 

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