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I'm going to LA in about a month and am looking for a cheap car rental place. I'll need something for about a week. I've heard tell of places in Los Angeles that rent for as low as $10-$20 per day, but haven't found that online. Any suggestions. Also, I know there are already threads about must see stuff in LA, but if anyone has suggestions, I'd be glad to hear about them, archi-tourist and otherwise. Thanks.

Feb 6, 07 5:30 pm

go to and see what they have.
do a google search for 'national car rental coupons' and you will find plenty. Just put those coupon codes in there and see what you can find.
Another good source for rental car coupons is

good luck!

Feb 6, 07 5:35 pm

hey im goin to LA in a month too !

Feb 6, 07 5:36 pm

wow guppy and spaghetti hittin' the mean streets of LA. Mates....just be ready for the f**king traffic out here, that's all I can say!

and stay away from the 405 (at most times) cause it can get hairy....

*(405 is the freeway which runs out closest to the coastal side of the greater los angeles area).

Feb 6, 07 5:45 pm

oh but yeah....sameolddoctor has it right. national is pretty good about the coupons. Also check with local agencies like rent-a-wreck, or even budget.

Feb 6, 07 5:46 pm

Did you look for deals on Orbitz or Travelocity? I went through them and had an excellent experience with Enterprise once (is that the green one, I think that's it...) I rented an SUV for a whole weekend for about $90, plus I got to pick whichever one I wanted....

PS. I chose the Toyota Rav4 and it got the same gas milage as my VW!

Anyway, check out the cheapy travel web sites.

Feb 6, 07 5:51 pm
el jeffe

, last time in LA (a year ago or so) i rented a PT Cruiser from their LAX location for something like $100 for a friggin week.

Feb 6, 07 5:52 pm

yup. also, as i will be going in march, do you guys recommend any particular beaches? preferrably not so crowded, but beautiful (if it exists). it will be nice to see the sun set into the ocean rather than watching it rise out of people swim in march in LA?

ive seen the skin and bones exhibit, the gehry and gettys out there.. any other unknown or worthy things to see when im out there again?

Feb 6, 07 6:45 pm

leo carillo


the last time i was here, there were only two other people (10 years ago)...i don't know about nowadays because i usually go to the more crowded ones like zuma (west of point dume) and santa monica...

point dume

Feb 6, 07 7:33 pm

sure, we swim in march...wearing wetsuits. but temperature's relative and depends upon your constitution.

you'll be hard-pressed to find a not-so-crowded beach (especially on a weekend), but...shit, it's shouldn't be too bad at all. just be prepared to head north or south a bit.

you'll probably get a bunch of different opinions, but zuma beach (malibu) is a nice start.

Feb 6, 07 7:36 pm

damm you dammson!! you're quick...

Feb 6, 07 7:37 pm

no, you're just slower...;)

Feb 6, 07 7:42 pm

when i rented a car i got it through some place outside of the airport, a mile or two. they picked us up at baggage and i kind of thought we were being kidnapped. they ended up renting us a 2005 corrola for like 6 days for like 120$ or something, something cheap. however the car may have been stolen. i think it was called LAX Auto Rental or something generic like that

Feb 7, 07 12:18 pm

is there a law or policy against renting cars if you are under the age of 25, though? thats something i heard, and could be a problem for me...

Feb 7, 07 12:53 pm

Look at Its the best website if seen for anything travel related. cars, planes, hotels, etc. It checks every website out there including all the other discount websites like orbitz and travelocity. You can also change stuff on the fly instead of having to do a new search everytime you want to change something. pretty nice.

Feb 7, 07 1:00 pm

its more expensive if you are under 25 and you probably have to have someone over 25 co-sign on it or something. I know its possible to do but probably a pain in the ass.

Feb 7, 07 1:01 pm

LOL yam, that's a story! far as I know they just charge you more if you are under 25, but you will have to call them ahead and ask if they will even rent to someone under 25 mate!

best of luck.

For the beach theme, there's the beaches thread, check that out, there's some beautiful spots mentioned on there....def worth seeing if you are out here in LA.

Feb 7, 07 1:02 pm

I think New York has a law that car rental places must rent to anyone over 18. Several companies will not rent to anyone under 25 and all will not rent to anyone under 21. For some reason being of legal drinking age makes you a better driver, go figure.

If you are under 25 those $100/week rates probably won't be attainable. Regardless, at that price you'd be put into an economy car, which in LA traffic would make me a bit queazy.

In the past I've had good luck with Went for a full sized once at $25/day. Got Hertz but they were all out of their usual boats so gave me a brand new Jaguar.

Feb 7, 07 1:11 pm

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