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I just want to know which firms that you think have the most futuristic buildings. In my opinion, I think that Zaha Hadid, UN Studio, and Daniel Libeskind. But I don't know I'm probably wrong. So, I want to know your opinion about it. 

Jun 19, 12 8:26 pm

the most futuristic firms have no buildings, they don't even have formal firms. All they have is a growing body of research.

Jun 19, 12 9:32 pm  · 

Eventually, architecture firms will no longer actually build buildings. They will just think about them.

Jun 20, 12 9:00 am  · 

how about kb homes?  aren't they kind of the future of architecture?

Jun 20, 12 10:38 am  · 

Antonio Sant'Elia

Jun 20, 12 11:56 am  · 

Hi Piero1910! Been a while since the last time you tormented us with AWESOME questions like this. Now, since we all know you are time traveller and a space cadet, which year are you asking from? 1910? If so brace yourself for a craaaazy architectural ride! Mostly watch out for that Hitler dude.

Jun 20, 12 12:23 pm  · 

Zaha, Libeskind, and UN studio are futuristic by 1910 standards.

whoah EKE that is far out. architects will just think about buildings and boom they will materialize.

Jun 20, 12 1:23 pm  · 

Sorry nerds. That is why I said that maybe my question is wrong. What I wanted to ask was that which architectural firms tend to have more futuristic architectural style in their designs.   But, it is hard ask a question here because people on this website believe that you know everything as they do. In short, being arrogant. 

Jun 20, 12 5:25 pm  · 

a local San Francisco firm doing some interesting parametric driven stuff

Jun 20, 12 5:29 pm  · 

I really like the Double Bar House of Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects. Interesting concept.

Jun 29, 12 7:28 am  · 

i guess the question is how do you define futuristic...

are you referring the sci-fi movies you see and are actually built in the real world?

why do you think Zaha Hadid, UN Studio, and Daniel Libeskind stuff are futuristic?

in most general public's eyes, their work leans more towards strange and alien.

futuristic architecture to me means it actually change the way people live or function that is quite different then before.  (i.e. high rise towers back in the 1900's changed how people worked or lived. Or buildings in the 1970's and recently that obtain energy through solar, wind etc.)

Jun 30, 12 2:18 pm  · 

Hello, and assalam.... ..

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) was basically the most futuristic firm in the world that is a fact. Zaha's works always express suprematism and futuristic ideas about architecture and human living conditions and she always facinated by the works of Kazimer Malevich (Russian Artist) ''Architecton''. If you look her Biography or documentary or being in an architecture field like me, you will know there's a post-modernism style and below it you have deconstructivist. Deconstructivist was basically architectural style that express the aesthetic value about form of the building or architectural masterpiece. In other words its all about the unconventional construction method or using cutting edge technology to produce complex shapes by configuring parametricism and other softwares to produce complex and unimaginable shapes of the building. Parametricsm for your information pioneered by Patrick Shumacher (Zaha Hadid design partner). 

So I say those who are very little knowledge about architecture field or not being in it can shut your mouth up because you just wrong and no wants gonna believe you cause you're not it. Plus I have spend for years running my degree in architecture and always admire and inspired by Zaha's works and other well known architect like Frank Gehry, Libeskind, Himmelblau, Wiscombe, Lebbeus Woods and etc.

So stop being a dumb and knowing everything and learn from those who knows about it. I guess that's it

Thank You and sorry for the language.

Feb 20, 20 1:32 pm  · 
Chad Miller

You resurrected a thread to write that? You can shut your mouth because you're just wrong and no one wants to hear from you.

Feb 20, 20 2:02 pm  · 

I already said sorry at the end, apologize me.

Feb 21, 20 7:20 am  · 

go away, you're dumb.

Feb 21, 20 8:46 am  · 

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