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Does anyone have any recommendations for user friendly scheduling software? Our firm has been relying on Microsoft Project 2000 with limited success, and we are wondering how other people are addressing their project scheulding needs.

Aug 4, 04 1:42 pm

I fake it with Excel...

Aug 4, 04 8:46 pm

i posted this on a previous archinect thread called project mangement - boring or life affirming?

tufte is my hero....

there is a discussion board on the tufte web site regarding gant/project and alike. being a pm does not have to be boring as the thread topic implied nor does it have to have us loose our creative visual skills and limit ourselves to contractor tracking tools.

interesting points on this discussion link of tufte's Project Management Graphics or Gantt Charts discussion thread.

Aug 4, 04 10:00 pm
le bossman

i think Primavera Project Planner is pretty much industry standard for the construction industry

Aug 5, 04 9:05 am

i looked into primera a while back in '95 and it had a price tag of about $4k. ouch. got a trial disc and these guys stalked me for a year. if you are a contractor and need to track subs, time, money, submittals, it might be for you, but for most archies, its really over the top. doesnt give you any more graphic flex than project.

have used 'project' and it does take a bit to get good graphics out of it but was able to do some rock'n sheets out of it.

if you really arent interested in using the full bells and whistles with it [like establish a budget after putting everyones time/billing rates in] i would agree with geezer, dont bother with it -- just do excel. i budget manpower in accounting software and to do it twice is a bit redundant.....

Aug 5, 04 9:28 am


I'm in the market for a project management package and am looking for recommendations for alternatives to MS Project and/or experience with it. My role is as a PM for a RE firm but will also need to track subs, submittals, basically everything since we will also be doing a lot of GC work.

Nov 2, 10 2:40 pm

I fake it with excel too. But I've used project a few times and never quite figured out any benefits versus excel. good tip about using google calendar for tracking time.

Nov 2, 10 8:54 pm

I've used only 3 things professionally. MS Project which is rubbish. A MS Access designed PM tool. And the most amazing stellar, archioffice. The latter makes my knickers moist they way it integrates everything so well.

Nov 2, 10 11:13 pm

I have used MS Project, Excel and Outlook independently and cobbled together in various forms over the years as project management solutions. My problem was that I always started feeling like managing my project management software was becoming another project itself (a hindrance on some levels and not a help).

About 8 months ago I tried Action Method ( While it won’t do everything I wish it did it has been the best solution so far for me. I have it installed on my office workstation and home computer as an Abobe Air application and on my iPhone. I find the iPhone app is key – I can create and delegate tasks from anywhere and at anytime I have my phone.

Nov 3, 10 12:18 pm

I've used Primavera like 15 years ago.

I use Project X but it's mac based only I think. It's great.

Nov 4, 10 12:04 am

Wouldn't it be great if the model could dynamically update with the spec [as it already can] and if both might dynamically update with a built in schedule that the PM, CM, and BM could all read in real time? So in essence, the CM inputs a price for tonnage of steel, and the architect and structural engineer can see price updates to changes to the design in real time? Wouldn't that be great?

Nov 21, 10 4:06 pm

I stumbled across this thread while looking for some new project management ideas. I've been using Microsoft Project for quite some time but have found it never quite fit my needs. There are some good links here, thanks you guys for posting your recommendations. I don't why there are so few solid options available out there. I'm really ready to ditch MS Project in favor of a more lightweight solution (preferably something that is web-based). Anyone have any web-based solutions?

Nov 23, 10 11:51 pm

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