Morphosis and their friends in Paris...


I think I've forgotten my French GCSE

Jan 18, 07 8:19 am  · 

ooooooh.......OMA and their cantilevers!

thanks for the link, I hadn't seen any of the other entries!

Jan 18, 07 8:23 am  · 

in all seriousness, that Foster facade looks rather familiar...

Jan 18, 07 8:29 am  · 

yeah, it does. None of them look any good, imho.

Jan 18, 07 8:45 am  · 

As usual, my preference is for the wibbly one with strange bits and the thingumy at the top. Always fun to judge a bunch of architect's skyscraper proposals ;-)

Jan 18, 07 9:59 am  · 

Wasn't Nouvel's 'tour sans fin' designed for the same site?
imo this tower is a million times better than any of current the proposals.

Jan 18, 07 1:00 pm  · 

i like the fuksas'

Jan 18, 07 1:09 pm  · 

i dont really mind the HdM, if the depth of the mesh could be inhabited

Jan 18, 07 1:46 pm  · 

It's far-and-away the best entry

Jan 18, 07 4:38 pm  · 
Dapper Napper

They all look like projects from my fourth year high rise design studio.

Jan 18, 07 6:11 pm  · 
Mission St.

the morphosis project is so... manly...
seriously, it looks like an erect penis.

Jan 18, 07 8:31 pm  · 

My faves are Mayne and Kuksas.

Jan 18, 07 9:27 pm  · 

Mayne's is by far the most interesting.

But the all of the designs are boring! Just another extruded form with a fancy skin. Rem's design is the only conceptual building that somewhat implies an unique experience but on the other hand is intenionally Miesian (get over your man-crush Rem!). Is there any hope for the reinvention of the tower? Is there somehow we can collectively stop comparing penis sizes?

Jan 18, 07 11:46 pm  · 

The Nouvel and Koohaus projects are very 50s/60s in aesthetic. Particularly Rem with the photo treatment. I like it, but I hope we do not all begin retreating to retro just when things are getting interesting.

Jan 19, 07 3:44 am  · 

Nouvel project = the eye from lor

Jan 19, 07 3:57 am  · 

Not everything that looks elegant, clean and straight is miesian...
OMA's tower tries to break the current building code of la Defense, to allow more threedimensional freedom in future projects (which shall follow until 2015) and thereby create unedited experiences. It's not a mere site extrusion any longer, as it shifts from a f.....up site to a perfect plan... Like Nouvel a lot Goes with the ugliness of the environment and is defenitely a "projet phare" don't know what's moving though, that seems a bit to much...(could actually be an OMA i guess...).
HdeM is kind of beautifull, now that's a site extrusion... I am wondering though if they could really achieve this nice transparency over 35 meters of depth...(c.f. Bibiliotheque de France, Perreault)
fuksas looks completely out of scale to me and doesn't seem any interesting, please elaborate on that...
I love Foster, could be there since ever... nice ctrl+c job for a person a week I guess...
as side note, nouvel's tour sans fin was designed for a site just opposite the ringroad from this one...

Jan 19, 07 4:59 am  · 

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