Best attributes of a Dream House


What are the attributes you would prefer in your ‘Dream House’?

May 31, 12 6:12 am

someone else to take care of it. 

oh, and insulation. 

May 31, 12 7:07 am
chatter of clouds

quite a nice topic.

i always liked to have a big window with a very generous wall-inset ledge that doubles up as a built-in "chaise-lounge". what do you call it exactly? you could then plop throw pillows, make comfy and read or draw.


May 31, 12 7:34 am
chatter of clouds

i also like discreet wall closets that run the length of corridors in the domestic quarters for storage outside the bedroom proper areas. but in a nice way, perhaps incorporating windows so its not claustrophobic.....hey...also a wall height-length exposed book case in the same area (corridor) no, better, closet space and book shelves randomly arrange with good taste forming the wall areas...a whole corridor of that, with windows.. windows at a non-orthogonal angle, to the corridor walls, to get the best out of thick walls. yes, i confess, i love thick walls, inhabiting thick walls...can be used for storage, rest areas, cosy, ..etc

May 31, 12 7:41 am

I  like trap doors with pools of hungry piranhas underneath.  Sadism, yo!

May 31, 12 10:09 am

A rainwater collection system, heated floors, and a tankless or solar water heater. And free maintenance/upkeep.  A personal chef might be nice too.

May 31, 12 10:55 am

A house that can be afforded on architectural salary. Not a dream house as much as a fantasy house.

May 31, 12 11:27 am

piranhas.  with lasers.

also, don't forget the toilet.  a necessary addition to any modern house.

May 31, 12 12:07 pm

Small, lots of built ins, perfectly sited, dramatic yet simple...very simple. Lots of operable clerestory windows, large terrace with large windows perfectly located, yet adequate privacy,  indoor/ outdoor living, red stained concrete floor, and lots of plywood.

May 31, 12 1:27 pm

i've been thinking about a yacht or houseboat lately.  sick and tired of land and site.

May 31, 12 2:46 pm

windows that face the outside

and floors: what's up with that?

May 31, 12 11:32 pm

A house that will steam clean itself.

Jun 2, 12 6:54 pm
w. architect

No mortgage!

Jun 3, 12 12:44 pm

For me my dream house attributes are rainwater collecting system, solar water heater.

Nov 7, 19 10:01 am

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