chewing coffee beans?


i'm trying to cut out pop/soda in my diet.... does coffee beans help.....not looking for a coffee pot either...


Dec 12, 06 9:41 pm
liberty bell

Plain seltzer water: gives your stomach that fizziness of the soda - which is good for settling your stomach when under stress - but none of the sugar. And eat apples.

Dec 12, 06 9:45 pm
Ms Beary

yum, fizzy mineral water. having some as we speak!

Dec 12, 06 9:48 pm

chocolate covered espresso beans rock!

Dec 12, 06 9:59 pm

This. I get mine at Trader Joe’s.

Ms Beary

apples actually, can be a good substitute

Dec 12, 06 10:07 pm

yeah.... it's the fizz that is really addicting...haha.... apples sound good...havent really had a good apple in a while..... luckily my office (coffee house i take a table at) is vegetarian and has good food.....

chocolate...hmmmm..... allergies...

what if i need that caffeine kick..... reason for the beans......

i'm trying to stay away from all the b.s. energy drinks/etc.....



Dec 12, 06 10:11 pm
Ms Beary

apples are good for energy. organic, get the crisp kind like fuji or braeburn

Dec 12, 06 10:15 pm

wait. i missed something. what's wrong with coffee?

Dec 12, 06 10:42 pm
Ms Beary

i drink coffee too. just not everyday.

Dec 12, 06 10:48 pm

that may be the problem, drink coffee strong and dark like our president used to be ( and I wish still could be) if the taste is a problem try iced coffee no cream or sugar.

liberty bell

Green tea for caffeine.

Dec 12, 06 10:50 pm

i fill my cup twice a day, which is about at the '5' mark on my coffee maker. finished with my coffee by 8:00 and then it's water the rest of the day.

and laffy taffy.

Dec 12, 06 10:50 pm
Ms Beary

what does laffy taffy do? does that contribute? ;)

Dec 12, 06 10:51 pm

i have to keep up my sugar levels. it's all very timed/strategic. if the situation gets desperate, it's nothing that the ghirardelli in the bottom right drawer can't fix.

Dec 12, 06 10:53 pm
liberty bell

Steven, we practically lived together for three weeks and I didn't know you like laffy taffy?!? How can that be!!

Dec 12, 06 10:56 pm

it started at halloween. long sordid story, having something to do with job satisfaction.

Dec 12, 06 11:01 pm

I agree w/tk - chocolate covered espresso beans are a great substitute! You could also try seltzer water -something like Perrier or a store brand – the bubbles seems to satisfy the "soda" craving and the best thing is that it has no calories, sodium or caffeine. I drink it all the time.

Dec 12, 06 11:08 pm

bubbly water makes me more thirsty. what's up with that?

Dec 12, 06 11:09 pm

Sorry lb et al - so thats what I get for not reading all the responses before suggesting soda/seltzer water. So, yah, dido:)

Dec 12, 06 11:11 pm

skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reowwww..........skheeeeeeeeeeeee


Dec 12, 06 11:19 pm

bubbly water goes well with laffy taffy...:)

Dec 12, 06 11:49 pm

What heck does chewing coffee beans do to the color of your teeth?

Dec 13, 06 7:19 am
Chili Davis

I cut out caffeine in almost every way possible. No more coffee. It's 100% fruit juice in the morning. Water during the day and soy milk at dinner. I have more energy than I did on the crunk juice.

Dec 13, 06 9:32 am

that's just crazy talk.

Dec 13, 06 9:48 am

I once cut out coffee altogether.
After two and a half weeks of headaches, I figured I'd take the health detriments of coffee over the headaches of withdrawal, and got back to my addiction.
It's my only one (addition), so I'm OK with it, now.

Dec 13, 06 10:58 am
Chili Davis

Coffee is actually quite good for you. They just had an extensive article of its bennefits in Mens Health(?). It's the cream and sugar that send you to your grave.

Dec 13, 06 11:00 am

see, i actually heard that if coffee is the primary vehicle for your dairy (cream) then that's a good thing.

Dec 13, 06 11:03 am
Chili Davis

Skim milk maybe?

Dec 13, 06 11:06 am

it would be alot cheaper for me to buy some coffee beans then keep purchasing my large iced mocha everyday........ hott coffee/tea/etc puts me asleep......... could resort to apple juice.......


Dec 13, 06 12:51 pm

I don't drink soda either, but I don't like plain seltzer all the time.

So I mix seltzer/club soda with fruit juice. Or sometimes I drink sparkling juices like Martinelli's, Fizzy Lizzy, Izze, etc.

If you mix unsweetened 100% cranberry juice with seltzer and add Stevia powder, it is very sweet and without many calories/sugar, but has no artifical sweetener either.

Dec 13, 06 1:21 pm

want to quit the soda addiction, substitute with diet snapple teas. saved me from interminable headaches, and feeling like shiite everyday.

Dec 13, 06 2:06 pm
Ms Beary

after I fasted, I learned I had 100% control over addictions like coffee. I only drink it because I like it now. Never cream and sugar, which I get made fun A LOT for, not sure why, must be a midwestern/rural thing.

Fasting in general gave me more awareness of what things do to my body.

Dec 13, 06 2:09 pm

I am afraid of any drink that is 'Diet'. It has nothing in it, no calories, no sugar and no sodium. But clearly it has something in it, it has a color and tastes kinda like a soda. Whats in there? Sounds like something only an astronaut would drink. tastes good.

Dec 13, 06 2:38 pm

strawbeary, what exact fasting regimen did you follow? did it purge or whatever like it was supposed to?

a lot of people i know do that when they come back from jungle countries.

Dec 13, 06 2:42 pm
liberty bell

I'm with you, cpnorris: stay away from things like aspartame, Splenda, whatever: they cannot be good for you. So anything diet is out.

I kicked coffee when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, and it was easy - being pregnant makes certain health things ridiculously easy, in my experience. My husband was so proud that I had kicked my addiction and said "Won't it be great to not have that addiction anymore? To which I replied that the moment our son stopped breastfeeding, I was ordering a triple shot iced espresso.

I love coffee, I love my coffee habit.

But do stay away from those scary diet drinks.

Dec 13, 06 3:39 pm
Rim Joist

As I reach for my triple-filtered free-range no-kill no-cal water substitute, I'm reflecting upon that other thread, where the theme was 'how much crap can you smoke?', while over here we're all so "dare I eat a peach" and all...

Dec 13, 06 4:01 pm
Ms Beary

yes, diet soda is work of the devil.

myriam, yes I did one of those cleanses and wouldn't trade it for anything, it was well worth it. i will do it again about the first of Feb. it was the mastercleanse, sometimes called the lemonade cleanse.

i haven't eaten any high fructose corn syrup since. ever look to see what they try to stick that stuff into? most everything.

Dec 13, 06 4:04 pm

my friend did the lemon diet for a month...fuckn crazy... he lost about 100 pounds...but gained it right back.......

i'm not addicted to coffee but need that pick me up when i'm working on the puter for 12 hours a day...


Dec 13, 06 5:20 pm
Ms Beary

I lost about 9 pounds, gained 3 back. I did it for 7 days.

Dec 13, 06 6:09 pm

Married to a Brazilian....well I have to drink Coffee....or she will kill me! It supports the GNP in Brazil. I did read a depressing article about a week ago regarding the supply of Coffee for the next two years....seems Like the Coffee Farmers had a real bad prices will be Invest in Starbucks....cause it will be their chance to perform like the Oil Companies.....and make mega bucks.

Dec 13, 06 6:09 pm

i look at this way; sugar kills, and kills absolutely. that i know and try to limit my intake of carbs and sugar. the other stuff will probably kill me, but i don't know absolutely, and it has zer0 carbs and no sugar. my thinking is that i am nearly 1/2 through the life i have, and if in 20 or 30 years i develop a third nipple, an orbiting third eye, or a hairy tongue i can say that at least in the first 2/3 of my life i lived pretty well.

Dec 13, 06 7:18 pm

you might have an orbiting third eye if you are a male.......


Dec 13, 06 7:20 pm
Dazed and Confused

the movement of the ass and/or death can contribute. What is far worse than consuming high fructose corn carbonated product is living 10 years. Much easier to just consume the soda . . .

Dec 14, 06 3:07 am

not that i would but maybe you should....

Dec 15, 06 2:50 am

Hmmm.. cocaine in "soft" drinks. Now that's a first.

Dec 15, 06 3:32 am

actually, cocaine in softdrinks is old skool.

Dec 15, 06 7:45 am

Coffee is your magical friend. drink it, drink it all the time.

Mar 28, 18 9:31 am

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