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i am in charge of setting up and scheduling our aia/ces lunch and learn seminars for my office. i get a fair amount of requests from different companies, and occasionally there is an interesting one in there. i was wondering if anyone has had any interesting ones that they remember, and what company offered it. or if anyone knows a good resource for finding good aia/ces seminars. i would like to be a little proactive with this since we are trying to set it up where every other friday we have a time slot free for that.
any advice would be great. thanks

Nov 9, 06 12:56 pm

free lunch! woo hoo!!!!!! has a bunch of links under education for l-n-l's...

where are you located - that makes a difference...

tyvek/du pont was one of our fav's...

or just glance through sweets and call the cool companies...

Nov 9, 06 4:38 pm

you really cant beat a free lunch. i'm located in philadelphia, right in center city. i have one from dupont, about designing with laminated glass that we have set up. it sounds pretty good. i'm glad to know they are ok.
thanks for the advice

Nov 9, 06 4:54 pm

let's see who I remember from my phithy daze... you have lots of good food choices. make sure to rotate between caterers, so you don't get bored with the grub. Once a week may be too often- twice a month was great in an 8 person office.

here's the list of seminar series I pulled together last year in Los Angeles (you can contact the reps and ask about who serves the Del Val):

Green Building Products, Nancy Murray
3604 Holdrege Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90016
310.559.1474 direct
310.714.3334 cellular
310.559.0050 fax

Icynene Corp. (Low Density Spray Foam),
Virgil Crane

3Form LA, Riley Schroeder
661.607.3737 mobile
661.554.7088 fax"

Homosote, Terry Foster

CEMEX– Pervious Concrete,
Lou Valenzuela
Business Development Manager
Concrete Parking Areas
cell: 714-504-4540

Equaris Corporation – Graywater treatment
Clint Elston – President
P.O. Box 6
Afton, MN 55001-0006

Pulp Studio- Glass

Saint-Gobain - Glass, Dan Clark, Architectural Sales Product Manager
7655 E. Gelding Dr., Suite B-2
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480.607.9400
Fax: 480.607.9406
Voice: 480.222.9020

Greenscreen, John Suiza - President /Founder ?800.450.3494 x14 ?greenscreen?1743 S. La Cienega Blvd.?Los Angeles, CA 90035?t 800.450.3494 ?t 310.837.0526?f 310.837.0523

Formglas - Nova Tech,
Jim Fiedler

Premier Building Systems – Structural Insulated Panels,
Greg Seligman
Sales Representative
602-369-9247 cell
480-634-7152 office/fax

Ice-Energy, Jim Crouse
Director of California Operations
Ice Energy, LLC
Phone: (949) 231-7793
Fax: (949) 625-7533

Tyvek, Herman Lopez (Weatherization Partners, Ltd.)
Phone- 626.379.2789
Fax- 626.836.3107
Corp.- (800) 288-9835

Advanced Structures Inc,
Adrian Gutierrez -Marketing & Sales Coordinator
4221 Redwood Avenue?Los Angeles, CA  90066?310.301.1984, ext 201?310.301.2084 fax
310.951.3510 cell

Hilti- Fire Stops, Fritz Wall

Forms+Surfaces, EJ Gottleib

Also look in the back of Architectural Record- lots of companies listed and they'd love to get invited to your office...

Nov 9, 06 5:27 pm

trespa is hosting a beer-n-wine happy hour! woohooo!

Jan 11, 07 4:52 pm

as long as the food is good, people really dont care what they are trying to be sold

Jan 11, 07 5:00 pm

Geting CEU is a huge draw.


Anything involving brick or block or stone usually goes over well...

Jan 11, 07 5:45 pm

the choices were Bud Lite and some zima wannabe malt liquor clear stuff- yuck!!! the discussion was interesting, but the beverages sucked. I gotta tell the CEU organizer that we don't drink swill, especially when a vendor is picking up the tab.

Jan 11, 07 8:18 pm


I dont understand the concept of cheap beer, myself...I know people who have all the $$$ in the world and drink Miller and Bud. Spend an extra $2.00 and go for the good stuff

Jan 11, 07 8:29 pm

have the Brick Institute send someone over, Trespa is good so is Aluco-bond, and some of the furniture reps are good - and good looking.

the worst one i have ever sat through - if you can call 15 minutes and out - was some bradley rep who was to talk about LEED and sustainability, well he read a script, a literal script, and every pause was a page turning, and he never talk about any real sustainble issues or products.

Jan 11, 07 8:57 pm

I hate when vendors talk about 'sustainability' and in the next breath explain why their product isn't sustainable. Like they say a product is recyclable and then go on to describe it's only post-consumer use as fuel for co-generation... like duh, that's burning the stuff, not recycling!!!!!

then there are all those reps who claim that their product earns X amount of LEED points for a project. HEY don't talk LEED if you don't know crap. a product can only contribute to earning points, but never is worth a point just for using it. Points are earned for performance, not for products.


Jan 11, 07 9:09 pm
some person

I used to be the Box Lunch Coordinator for a firm, and I had a blast doing it.

I'm not sure if beta's suggestion for the Brick Institute is the same thing that I'm thinking of, but the International Masonry Institute does fantastic presentations.

The Copper people did another good one

Hardiplank and Kalwall give pretty good product presentations.

I found some of the best presentations were given by consultants (e.g. lighting consultants); they take a little bit more convincing and are sometimes seen as a "favor" to the firm, but they are usually customized and informative.

I recently attended Steelcase's "Generations at Work" lunch seminar. It was good.

Right now in my career, I could benefit from presentations by metal panel, curtainwall, and storefront manufacturers.

Jan 11, 07 11:02 pm

Call Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions. Go to : for a look. We have the Panels as well!


we have a copper in architecture one set up for today that sounds pretty interesting. i did a search on the aia/ces website and contacted basically everyone within my area, so i now have a huge list compiled with all of the ones people offer.
its hard to sift through them and find the ones that sound the most benefitial to the office.
i tend to start with the ones that offer a free lunch and go from there

Jan 12, 07 11:19 am

look up Trulite Galss & Aluminum Solutions - Storefront, Curtainwall Doors and Large Doors 6' x 12' . We will come see you!

Mar 6, 18 3:52 pm

Looking for a lunch & learn in Grand Rapids Area.

Jun 13, 18 8:51 am

Panda Windows & Doors offers a popular AIA certified Lunch & Learn on "Sustainable Solutions for Large Openings".

Jun 13, 18 10:55 am

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