Another Sullivan-designed building burns in Chicago


Why make a building nice if your business will either be gone (most likely) or bought out (best possible profit model) in six months? Especially when you don't have control over the product sold within?

If the moneymen can make $10 now, but it will cost our kids $15 tomorrow, why shouldn't they do it? If you live in a purely capatalistic society it would be immoral not to do it. If you don't want to live by that code and say that certain things have value that is distinct from pure cost, that's a form of socialism - its merely a question of gray at that point...

Nov 6, 06 6:11 pm

but tommorow, inflation will make $15=$10 today. so what's your issue?

Nov 6, 06 6:15 pm

If its your kids that have to pay it, then its their problem, isn't it?

Nov 6, 06 6:20 pm

So the transition continues.....

Best Buy newest tenant to Mag Mile?

Nov 6, 06 6:42 pm
vado retro

a couple of points: first i dont post youtubes at work. second, the girl that made my latte is hotter than that singer. third. no one is hotter than tom jones. four. you guys need to read about discounted cash flow. five. the loop needs high boutique shopping experience. right now its all up the street.

Nov 6, 06 6:47 pm

Vado- didn't know you had any rules to follow at work- sorry. So what else does the latte girl do?

Nov 6, 06 6:50 pm
vado retro

she also make whitemochafrappiatos!!!

Nov 6, 06 7:25 pm
Lookout Kid

I liked Carsons... It was a good place to buy underwear, socks, and toiletry bags. However, Rado Vetro is absolutely correct that the Loop needs to move more upscale.

Now, did you all hear that yet ANOTHER Sullivan building burned to the ground last week? It was a single-family home in Lakeview, and it was likely an arson. WTF?

Nov 11, 06 1:04 am
Non Sequitur

DAMN-IT spam bot... did not see time stamp.  Almost panicked for a second there.  Hey, at least I can a good deal on some shitty steak knifes for my effort.

Sep 23, 19 9:07 am

old memories and talk of steak and burnt wood. good thread to revive!

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