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I know a lot has been said about this topic but....
is there a way to export a part of google earth in three d and put it into a sketch up model?
I know you can take a sketch up model and put it into google earth but I want to create an animation. I need to get google earth into sketchup to make an avi file.
Any help would be appreciated.

Jul 19, 06 12:09 pm
Luis Fraguada

camtasia . . . low res, but you could do a screencapture avi, mov, or mpg of your model in google earth . . . limited animation capabilities, but at least your model will be on the planet, and you can zoom in and out, maybe fly over . . .

Jul 19, 06 12:30 pm  · 

Has anyone been successful with importing google earth .KMZ file into Sketchup or Rhino? I was searching through these old threads as I am trying to take a google earth file into either of these programs. Any help appreciated!

Aug 14, 08 12:59 pm  · 

Came here looking for an easy way to import .KMZ files into Rhino. Thanks in advance!

Mar 1, 21 5:50 pm  · 

You meant to type g-o-o-g-l-e instead.

Mar 1, 21 7:12 pm  · 
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