temporary walls


a friend of mine is moving into an apartment in new york that will only work if they put up some partitions and she asked me to help.

i have limited time but can try to do it myself if i can get enough information, otherwise i'd like to help her find someone who can do it for her cheap. they need temporary walls that won't do damage to the existing apartment and i know there're people on craigslist who advertise a "pressurized" system, that sort of thing. as i said, ideally i'd like to do it myself (w some other people to help w labor), but i dont know how this "pressurized" thing works and how to go about it.

have any of you done this, hired people to do it, or have any suggestions?

Jun 19, 06 11:16 am

do they have to be full height partitions? or will other types of screening systems -or- large bookcases to divide the space work

Jun 19, 06 11:36 am

they need to be sound insulating b/c it's the bedrooms

Jun 19, 06 11:47 am

(it's a roommate situation, they want to have private bedroom spaces)

Jun 19, 06 11:49 am

the thickest insulation board you can find?

Jun 19, 06 11:49 am

just build regular stud walls with insulation board underneath the finish on one side. don't mount them to the floor (or put a neoprene strip in between the bottom of the stud wall and the finish floor) and let gravity hold them in place. then they'll come right out w/ no damage to existing.

Jun 19, 06 12:40 pm

get into a laser cutting studio and go crazy.

Jun 19, 06 7:37 pm

this is cool, let us know what the fire department thinks about walls they were not expecting to be there, when the place is on fire....

Fire officials said yesterday that an illegal partition appeared have cut off the path to the fire escape in Apartment 4-I, although it is not clear that the firefighters could have safely made it to the fire escape. Many apartments in the Bronx and northern Manhattan have been renovated into what amount to boarding houses, to accommodate the flood of immigrants who have filled the city's service industries in recent years.

Jun 19, 06 7:40 pm

what type of ceiling/wall section? GWB on wood studs joists??

Jun 19, 06 8:12 pm

You can use glass curtain with blur PE film for private bedroom, which can be installed within 2 hours.

May 28, 18 12:31 am

Have you considered a demountable wall system? We use them a lot in our office space. They don't have to mount to the floor or ceiling and you can customize the color, height, width. 

May 29, 18 10:15 am

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