Charred Wood supplier?


Hi all,

I am looking into spec'ing charred wood cladding on a residential application. Does anyone have any specs or supplier info based in Canada (Ontario)?

Thanks in advance.

Feb 11, 12 6:56 pm

Sounds like the charring and sealing process for charred siding would have to be done on site (as opposed to shipping pre-charred wood). I doubt you'll find a meaningful spec on this.

Consider looking into "wood torrefaction process" as well. Similar to charring, except it's shop prepared in a controlled environment. You will get a higher control of the result as well. From Quebec (which is in Ontario I believe).

Feb 11, 12 10:46 pm


Thanks a lot for the name. I was hoping to get a black finish that torching would give but torrefied wood is an interesting option. I'll look into it. Good to know that it is (almost) local! I am in Toronto but Quebec is a reasonable location. (Quebec is a province, like Ontario :)) 

Feb 12, 12 2:41 pm

You can still torch away, just understand it looks to be a bit of a DIY process. Talk to your contractor to see if they feel comfortable doing this. Specifying appropriate species of wood and compatible sealer would be your biggest responsibility. 

I'm in Toronto as well, and I'm pretty sure Quebec is a renegade region of eastern Ontario.

Feb 12, 12 3:30 pm

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