Dynamism in Architecture


Hi everybody,
Few days ago I started thinking about Dynamism in architecture. Since then, I was searching on internet to find out what it is and what are the examples of this kind. So far, the materials I found are the ones that showcase Dynamism only in moving parts of the building and nothing else. However I believe this topic should be much vaster and moving parts of building is just one simple interpretation of it.
Here I want to have the opportunity to hear your opinions and experiences in this regard.

I hope this topic become benefitial for people searching about it in the future!

Jan 14, 12 4:52 am

Too many isms to keep track of.

Jan 16, 12 11:30 am


Rudolf Arnheim, The Dynamics of Architectural Form (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977).

Based on the 1975 Mary Duke Biddle lectures at The Cooper Union.

A book I've owned since May 1978, and read completely circa 1984, and maybe it's time to read it all again.


Jan 16, 12 1:20 pm

my philosophy 1 professor explained to us that "we are here to bull shit - and if you want to get a "B" all you have to do is show up and bull shit - if you want an "A" then write a paper at the end of the term." so i guess all we need to do is show up and bull shit..........other than that.......go to work!!!!

Jan 17, 12 10:08 am

Zaha Hadid uses Reinforced Concrete a symbol of strong sense of the Dynamism.

Jul 29, 12 11:22 pm

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