Whos the hottest female architect???


Ok, lets be real here.....Lise Ann Couture has got to be the hottest chick out doing her thing.

Feb 11, 06 5:44 pm
rondo mogilskie

I'm old school

Feb 11, 06 5:52 pm

Good designer, her and Rashid (Asymtote) just finished designing some new office furniture for knoll, good stuff. But a collaborative effort from what I here, so far from Doing her own thing!

Feb 11, 06 5:56 pm
Ringo Starr
Feb 11, 06 6:01 pm
el jeffe

what - you ran out of "video chicks" to put in your renderings?

Feb 11, 06 6:02 pm


Feb 11, 06 6:12 pm

There is this girl at my school that is super hot.

Feb 11, 06 6:17 pm

Apparently this lady was the first.

Feb 11, 06 6:27 pm
vado retro

check out the a.i.l.f. site...

Feb 11, 06 6:58 pm

Carmen!!!? the las name scapes me-

no, not that Carmen!!
carmen Pinos, that is the one i was thniking-

Feb 11, 06 7:44 pm

lol south pole

I'm weird I find Zaha intriguing (not hot..but you know)

but the real hottie is Amanda Levete from Future Systems - meow.

Feb 11, 06 8:22 pm

Oh yeah I forgot, Galia Solomonoff, And also Winka Dubbeldam.....does anyone remember the panasonic dvd commercial with Winka a few years back?, she was even hotter when she was younger.

Feb 11, 06 8:50 pm

i used to love it when elise keaton would draft in the living room. i remember when she told a story about putting a brick with her name in it in her first house.

and mallory. yowza.

Feb 11, 06 9:10 pm
sporadic supernova

Aishwarya Rai ... well she's a model and actress now ..

Miss world ( 199? )

not sure if she finished her architecture though

Feb 12, 06 1:41 am

it's carme pinos yo (spelling, not my response)

Feb 12, 06 1:59 am
sporadic supernova

hmmm .. she does have some interesting work ..

Feb 12, 06 8:42 am
David Cuthbert


this is an older photo, but she still turns heads I'm sure. I'd like to get the ladies opinion about all of this. I mean they are the ones we are objectifying (which in the case of an architect is that a bad thing, we are in the business of object-worship, worse when we have even the slightest connection to it...anyhow before I ramble too much)

Oh and have you noticed that the female architects who make it big, do it at a younger age? A much younger age!! Or is it that they age better?

Feb 12, 06 9:55 am

well, since you asked....

i thought about starting a hot male architects thread in response, but didn't feel like taking the time to figure it out and find a picture.

in response to the objectifiable nature of the thread, i find it to be mildly annoying. however, the discussion doesn't seem to be extremely crass or offensive (yet) and i didn't feel like it really needed to be responded to.

Feb 12, 06 11:07 am


Feb 12, 06 12:15 pm
liberty bell

stephanie, that was exactly my response!! Of course I have a huge collection of Brad Pitt pics to post, but didn't feel like looking for a "real" hot male architect. Though heaven knows there are a lot of them.

Who is the blonde woman posted by Ringo Starr? I couldn't read the website the image came from.

Feb 12, 06 1:10 pm

lb, i believe that's lise ann couture.

Feb 12, 06 1:30 pm

liberty, that would be the topic of discussion, Lise Ann Couture aka Ms. Asymptote....

Feb 12, 06 1:31 pm

jam-arch: that pic isn't that old, she looks more or less like that nowadays

this is an old pic, and, while she's a great architect (and seems a nice person), she's far from being 'hot':

nowadays, with the white hair, she has acquired a certain kind of glamour -- one of those ladies that, like wine, gets better as time goes by:

this is some years later (already left Miralles):

and then (+50) the white hair

Kazuyo's smiling face and Farshid's hair look good too...

Feb 12, 06 6:43 pm

yea she'll draw you some red lines.rite on.

Feb 12, 06 6:55 pm

hate to throw the hair dryer into the bathtub, but our profession is one of the last professions where it doesn't matter a whole lot what your face looks like. i mean, it probably matters more what your glasses and your shoes look like.

i think we should keep it that way. look what happened to opera. they made one of the best sopranos in the world get off the stage because she was too fat. what is "too fat" when you're talking about opera singers? nowadays you don't get a recording contract unless you've got a face that will sell CDs. maria callas did not have that face.

then again if you can name that soprano you're probably not all that into the tenor of this conversation (pardon the pun)

come on, boys

Feb 12, 06 7:25 pm

can anybody here tell, without knowing, which gender designed that building you are looking at? (yes there are few out there, sadly in low quantaties)
it usually matters only after finding out who.
zaha hadid;
she is an example.she is doing what the big men of architecture are doing. she has got a medal for being an architect. not a female architect but architect. there are many more out there like zaha hadid that would be pissed off when referred as woman architect.
the reason zaha gets a lot of shit, because there are a lot of man out there can't stand to see a woman doing what themselves are trying to do and she is doing it better. she is not shy, not intimidated and don't have any famous male partner who took her on to the limelight. she is a boss in a male majority profession and, you know what, she can be the sexiest thing out there for somebody. so i find all the jokes about her physicality unfair.

yes you know when you look at her building which gender has designed.
zaha is my kung fu sistah and she is one hell of a lady. she can fuck you when it comes to architecture. but don't worry, that will be the best fuck you probably will have, until you can do it on your own.

Feb 12, 06 8:06 pm
Parkway House

Elizabeth Fleisher and Gabriel Roth
Interestingly not listed in Architecture in Philadelphia: A Guide, 1974 and 1981.

Feb 12, 06 8:14 pm

Gae Aulenti

and she has got them architect's hands too.

Feb 12, 06 8:25 pm

carme not hot? whats wrong wit choo?

lina bo bardi was a bit allright

Feb 12, 06 8:40 pm

poor lady voigt. opera's loss.

are there any ugly successful architects out there anyway, male or female?

Feb 12, 06 8:44 pm

I think all successful architects are at least a little ugly on the inside.

Feb 12, 06 9:05 pm

everyone is a little ugly on the inside.

Feb 13, 06 10:37 am

good point steph, in fact you sound kinda a pic please

Feb 13, 06 12:01 pm

Okay so you know how we established in Wane’s World that Buggs Bunny is really hot when he dresses up as a girl bunny?

Well wouldn’t Rem Koolhaus be really hot if he dressed up like a female architect?

Feb 13, 06 1:17 pm

not too hot...


Feb 13, 06 1:27 pm

a 2:1 in Architecture so far, those looks and she's Welsh ;-)

care of 2005 Miss World (Wales entry- Amy Guy (22))

Feb 13, 06 4:22 pm


Feb 13, 06 4:26 pm


Feb 13, 06 4:27 pm


Feb 13, 06 4:30 pm

Subject: breakfasts with Winka
--Stephen Lauf, A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part I, pp. 90-1.

Feb 13, 06 4:34 pm

what about Monica?

her work is very sensual and haptic and she is got that accent!! oh señorita-

Feb 13, 06 5:03 pm

Carol Chen, The Bay Area. She always wore slacks in the office until she resigned her position and then she wore a skirt....and the office went wild.....oh it was a long time ago.

Feb 13, 06 6:01 pm

Judy Fekete of SPF:a

Feb 13, 06 7:33 pm

southp ,....Monica who?

Feb 13, 06 9:25 pm

monica ponce de leon??? architectonica?

Feb 13, 06 9:35 pm

oh haha I knew that...hehe anyways i think im in love:

Feb 13, 06 9:56 pm

wow it really works compositionally, its like shes' leaning on the page....

Feb 13, 06 9:57 pm
sporadic supernova

hey ... Thats Aishwarya Rai !!! ....

found out she was miss world 1994 ... But i'm still not sure if she finished her architecture or not ..( why should she ? .. she makes more money than you and me put together !!!) also voted "sexiest woman" by a handfull of magazines !!

Feb 13, 06 11:34 pm

Jennifer Siegal -

Feb 13, 06 11:38 pm

ada tola of lot-ek
beautiful italian people

Feb 14, 06 2:16 am

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