Whos the hottest female architect???


ah, too bad i had to carpool with our contractor on a one-day round trip from austin to houston today. wasn't THAT fun.

i dunno, my point with the cheerleader was that i had fallen with all the rest of the microsociety of my high school into the trap of putting a certain small class of women on pedestals because they fit into a certain acceptable mold of beauty. specifically, they all had stereotypically "pretty" faces and skinny bodies. which is a bit of what is going on here with all the face shots. with the notable exception of that poor woman's thong. i feel bad for her and feel bad for judging her, now that i think about it.

we objectify these faces, these bodies, each others and ourselves, stacking them up against standards of "perfection" which in the end don't make these faces human. it's the humanity that's truly beautiful...i dunno, i show my wife that side of my mind fairly little, what with all the towels on the floor and the belching.

and btw...both versions of frida kahlo. a woman who painted herself giving birth to herself? that is someone i want to have dinner with.

Apr 13, 06 6:59 pm  · 

Ochona, I tend to prefer more atypical looking ladies myself. Well put.

As far as "that poor woman and her thong" - eh, it's just a thong. Why feel sorry for her when there's no reason for shame? Anyone who wears low rise trousers and a thong is well aware of the associated perils. News flash: most women wear undergarments.

Apr 14, 06 11:31 am  · 

My girlfriend, the mother of my kids, is the hottest female architect of the world. Period.

Apr 14, 06 11:43 am  · 

Sorry for you ladies...

Apr 14, 06 11:44 am  · 
David Cuthbert

my coworker thinks Jacquiann Lawton is the sexiest female architect out there
she's on the right

Apr 14, 06 12:12 pm  · 

Sorry she's no match.

Apr 14, 06 12:19 pm  · 
David Cuthbert

french you can't say things like that without qualifying them - come on show a pic or tell why

Apr 14, 06 4:09 pm  · 
liberty bell

French, your response definitely makes you a hot male architect. Good job.

Apr 14, 06 5:25 pm  · 

When you say you are an architect you automatically become hot, I dont care who it is

Apr 14, 06 7:58 pm  · 

Apr 14, 06 9:14 pm  · 
rondo mogilskie
The last word...maybe
Apr 15, 06 5:05 pm  · 

There's this woman who I'm pretty sure studied architecture then went off and formed a band called Sleeper instead. Now she writes books. I think she's hot but, really, it's when she speaks... Wow. Can't define it really. It's like she makes articulacy sexy.
OK my concession to fandom is over.
By the way, Farshid Moussavi (foreign office) may be hot but she'll make you work damn hard by all accounts.
And Ashw^%$Xgra Rai76v or whatever from India. Lovely.

Aug 10, 06 6:50 pm  · 
band called Sleeper


Aug 11, 06 4:59 am  · 

Ah, thanks for that.

Aug 11, 06 11:03 am  · 

I think Vanilla Ice is the hottest female architect

Oh wait, what? Where am I?! Who are you people?!? Where the hell am I?

Aug 11, 06 12:03 pm  · 

Dara Huang is hot!!!

Oct 3, 13 6:07 am  · 


At least until I see a picture of Sarah Hamilton ...

Oct 3, 13 11:24 am  · 

I was really hoping this thread would stay dead. Please, let's let it go.

Oct 3, 13 11:27 am  · 

We used to joke about it being Meredith Baxter when she was in that TV show and, God, did she ever seem busy, walking across the kitchen with ONE construction drawing in her hand at a time.  (Sets are usually edge bound).  Now Meredith, of "Bridget Loves Bernie" fame, bats for the other team. 

My answer: there are no hot female architects.  We all know the most attractive women major in marketing, communications, and the like, so they can grow up to be Katie Courics.  Interesting lady, actually:  UVa grad, widowed from a man who had cancer and held out for over a decade prior to new marriage plans, raised in NoVa, and ... drum roll ... was in a sorority!  Who'd have thunk???

Oct 3, 13 12:02 pm  · 

I look at women in architecture as equals to the men in architecture.  I know what this thread is referring to sexual quality of women in architecture.  In my mind if i am working with any female I have to think of them as equals and the only thing that matters is the project.  On a side note I have noticed all women i've encountered in Arch. no matter how attractive, do have a very masculine side to them so its easy for me to think of them as one of the men.

Oct 5, 13 11:01 am  · 


Bingo.  If it's not a masculine side, it's a stoic coldness I don't roll well with.  It's also prevalent in engineering, if not more so.  It's a roll of the dice in pre-health.  I've met women both in school AND in the work force, either working toward or possessing law degrees and MBAs who are more effortlessly feminine.  It's hard to get a female architect of the career track, licensed variety to laugh at anything bawdy and obnoxious, but the businesswoman or female attorney, who has to look at things more globally, will more readily do so, from what I've seen.  I find this somewhat disappointing because one would think that the creative aspect of architecture would also instill enthusiasm, effervescence, and even elation in them at times, to counterbalance the firmness needed to deal with tough clients and others on the project team.  Women in architecture should use their expertise and unrelentingly pointing to the drawings or correspondence instead of a veneer of smugness and stoicism to do the work for them.

Oct 5, 13 10:41 pm  · 

Galia Solomonoff for sure

Oct 6, 13 7:00 am  · 

Just scroll up + down the the people section on archinect - 

Oct 6, 13 3:41 pm  · 

Was invited to a dinner with Elena (Manferdini) last year. Total knockout without the typical academic hubris. 

Oct 6, 13 5:19 pm  · 

Bernadette Fox, of course.

Oct 6, 13 10:02 pm  · 

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