Maybe you share my fashination for houses in the desert, or wider : houses in remote areas , in lonely extreme conditions .
This house is by Rick Joy architects .

Feb 7, 06 5:35 pm

Rick Joy is awesome!!!

Feb 7, 06 6:13 pm
vado retro

who is that wonderful archinecter who pulled all nighters with rick joy???oh yeah, now i remember...

Feb 7, 06 8:20 pm

Does anyone have any oyher pics of Rick Joy's work?

Feb 8, 06 1:14 am

this book has other pics of Rick Joy's work.. and plans .. and fabulous panoramas of the desert mountains (the Tubac House, the Tucson Mountain House), a foreword by Holl and an intro by Pallasmaa... highly recommended for desert lovers:

Feb 8, 06 3:52 pm
liberty bell

I don't have a picture of Rick Joy's work (the monograph is worth it) but I did just come across a picture of him and my business partner in the UofA architecture studios circa 1988 at probably 3AM...aaah, good times...

Feb 8, 06 4:09 pm

I love the Tubac house
specialy the way the concrete wall is made

Feb 8, 06 4:19 pm

isn't it rammed earth? not necessarily concrete?

Feb 8, 06 6:02 pm

possibly right , thanks

Feb 8, 06 6:04 pm

I would like to make concrete in that way , (steal ideas hahaha)

Feb 8, 06 6:05 pm

Eddie Jones does alot of wonderful desert work so I thought I might include him for your viewing:

Feb 8, 06 6:21 pm

There is also Will Bruder who also works out of the Phoenix Arizona area:

Feb 8, 06 6:25 pm

Here is another one, dancing in the sunlight:

Feb 8, 06 6:30 pm

This guy Liberty Bell most likely knows cause he always put on great parties in Tucon.

Feb 8, 06 6:35 pm

oh ya I did forget one firm in tucson:

It is a bit of a difficult site to filter thru but well worth the effort.

Feb 8, 06 6:38 pm

Snooker thanks I am realy exited , Jones studio is fantastic.
going to look at the otherones

Feb 8, 06 6:38 pm

for example scorpion house , wow

Feb 8, 06 6:40 pm

Todd bogatay , I don't like so much

Feb 8, 06 6:44 pm

I doubt if you will find anything on the net about William Wilde, but he was an early an early modernist that came to Tucson and did have a good run of projects. I do know of one house nestled up against the
Catalina Mountains which just looked so much like the landscape that it was hard to believe it was a house. I did have the opportunity to view drawings of the house in an architectural studio while at the University of Arizona. My prof. McNeil ask the class to identify there favorite piece of architecture in Tucson. Well we had all of the expected, but I personally was fond of this little two story commerical office building on Broadway Blvd., so I mentioned it as my favorite. Turns out McNeil worked for William Wilde for a period of time and he had photos and a set of drawings so he excitely brought them to studio to show us how it was really done. To this day I believe it was one of the most important works of Architecture I have encountered.

Todd does have some nice work burried somewhere, doubt if it is on the net.

Feb 8, 06 7:34 pm
liberty bell

snooker if I ever went to a Paul Edwards party I was, um, enjoying myself far too much to remember it.

Feb 8, 06 7:37 pm

Another person who did a sparing amount of work in Tucson was Dominique Bonomour. She was a good friend of mine, born in France,
studied in Switzerland, and France. Came to America via Canada. She was a principle at CNWC Architect in Tucson and also taught at the Univeristy of Arizona. She did a number of presentations at conferences. Sorry to say she is no longer with us, and is certainly missed. She did have a fantastic understanding of the desert, we had many conversations about materials, light, scale, music, and all of the aesethics of life. I don't know if any of her residential work has ever been published.

Feb 8, 06 7:40 pm

Liberty, Paul was always working on the next spring fling....I do remember one in a garage with a mangled dragster... thought of it because of your husbands sculpture.

Feb 8, 06 7:41 pm
liberty bell

Judith Chafee's Blackwell House in Tucson was phenonmenal - I saw it before it was demolished. What a friggin' mistake that was.

Feb 8, 06 7:43 pm
vado retro

when i was in grad school judith chaffee came and gave a lecture. well, it was called a lecture. actually, what she did was play a tape of native birds chirping while showing her slides. it was quite the multi media extravaganza!!!

Feb 8, 06 8:21 pm
vado retro
Feb 8, 06 8:23 pm

Mary Hardin does great work. She spoke here at UNM last week about design build project she is doing at the University of Arizona.

She has used rammed earth alot, even creating their own fabrication techniques.

Feb 8, 06 8:27 pm
vado retro
Feb 8, 06 8:27 pm

I know Bill Cook also of the Uof A did a house in Senotia of Rammed Earth.

There was also Gomez....did alot of various kinds of work in Arizona...
worked on a project in Sedona with him where he did all the concept drawings on rolls of brown packaging paper. He was a master...Liberty might know him as he did a bank in the Camel Back Plaza in Phoenix.

Feb 8, 06 9:45 pm

scopionhouse Jones arch.

Feb 9, 06 4:09 am

To stay in line whith the scorpionhous
found this on the site of

Feb 9, 06 11:32 am

sorry this horrible picture is for another topic

Feb 9, 06 11:33 am

this is the right one
also not nice I think

Feb 9, 06 11:35 am

Is this ok
I don't think so ....but

Feb 9, 06 11:38 am
Feb 9, 06 11:39 am

what is so terrible about this

Feb 9, 06 11:41 am

This is a deserthouse by k.kellog

much nicer I think , but what is wrong whith it ????
something itches

Feb 9, 06 11:48 am

Don't forget all the eartships out on the west mesa outside of Taos.

Feb 9, 06 12:51 pm

this is my favorite thread lately- makes me want to quit my job and move back to NM and find a cheap 100 acres. (and I LOVE it where I am now.)

But c'mon -- rammed earth, earthships, the desert...... heaven on earth I tell ya...

Feb 9, 06 2:38 pm

Here is a site of early desert houses:

Feb 9, 06 3:32 pm

Oh ya there is also Bart Prince: A desert Architect in New Mexico:

Feb 9, 06 3:39 pm

The chaco Canyon complex looks realy special and allmost from out of space

Feb 9, 06 3:52 pm

The first bart price seems to say : " I ignore this desert"
The second one : " I am embedded"
What is better ?

Feb 9, 06 4:01 pm

albert frey

Feb 9, 06 4:16 pm

Looking for nader khalill , found this in saveh Iran, very special

Feb 9, 06 4:17 pm

Bam ( Iran)

Feb 9, 06 4:25 pm

yazd , Iran

Feb 9, 06 4:30 pm

mardin, turkey

harran, turkey

Feb 9, 06 4:38 pm
Feb 9, 06 4:49 pm


Feb 9, 06 5:00 pm


Feb 9, 06 5:01 pm

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