Is it wrong to seek a date on archinect?
I moved to LA from NY...its freaking hard to meet people here.

Feb 2, 06 2:25 am

Thats what you get for moving to LA - kidding - I would honestly just get a myspace account. I met a lot of friends through friends on that site. Now dating is another story.

Feb 2, 06 11:05 am
A Center for Ants?

i find myspace wierd... just me...

just hang out around venice/santa monica. you meet tons of architects. and there are a TON of us on archinect in the LA area...

Feb 2, 06 1:13 pm

Why not try finding a friend/date who's NOT an architect?

Feb 2, 06 1:17 pm

from a woman's perspective, unless you're chronically smiley and bright, you might as well be chicken liver to men.

some grad student who's doing her dissertation on myspace, or webculture, or something:

Feb 2, 06 1:24 pm
A Center for Ants?

cause non-designers won't ever understand...

Feb 2, 06 1:25 pm

understand what?

Feb 2, 06 1:28 pm

Why we spend countless hours thinking about our projects and why we wake up in the middle of the night to make notes about details, ect. And why when we go to a new building we look at EVERYTHING and brag about who took a shit in who's building.

Feb 2, 06 1:34 pm

Personally, I've had the most luck with dating women who ARE designers of some sorts. But not architects. Fashion designers are great as are graphic designers. I stay away from Interior Designers, for my own reasons.

Not that all of this is shallow, just learning from past experiences.

Feb 2, 06 1:36 pm

The reason I've avoided dating women in the design field is because I'd rather be with someone who has absolutely no opinion about something I'm passionate about than someone whose opinion is different than mine. In other words, no taste is better than bad taste. I think for me to date a designer I'd have to completely admire her work and ideas, and it's hard enough to find designers whose work and ideas I admire that deeply even when I'm not looking for a date.

Feb 2, 06 2:01 pm

archinect... it does sort of sound like a dating website

Feb 2, 06 2:12 pm

Why would you limit yourself to archinect? Since you have already more or less said that you are comfortable with the blind internet style dating why don't you just go to a site that offers that?

I've had several friends do that and all say you'll have so many dates you'll soon be turning them down. The hardest part will be finding time for dating....unless you aren't an architect and have plenty of free time.

Feb 2, 06 2:18 pm

or you could interact in the real world and:
1. take a class
2. join a club
3. talk to strangers

Feb 2, 06 2:22 pm

The reason I avoided dating/marrying another architect was, well.......SOMEbody has to pay the bills. KIDDING.......I'm kidding......mostly.......

Feb 2, 06 2:27 pm

try there are a ton of designers there and they all want nookie.

or go to gallery openings, bars, etc if you aren't into the online dating thing.

Feb 2, 06 2:48 pm

Yeah, Bars are a good bet. Thats where I go when I want to get laid. Is there a bar similiar to Happy Endings in Chinatown? You can walk into that bar at 2am and walk out with a girl by 2:30...

Feb 2, 06 3:02 pm

Kiddin... mostly

Feb 2, 06 3:03 pm


are you a boy or a girl???

Feb 2, 06 3:05 pm

i endorse the joining clubs/going to openings suggestions. its easy to become find people attractive who have common interests.

i've met lots of dudes at shows/concerts, especially when i used to go out alone more...

but i don't know what it's like in LA, nor do i know what you're into.

Feb 2, 06 3:12 pm

Linguistic Deregression shall begin at the sound of the bell:



PoSt WhERe U R FrOm !~!~!~!~! OmG LoL R U HaWt? WaNa ChaT? IM Me~!


Feb 2, 06 3:12 pm

*degression - damnit

Feb 2, 06 3:18 pm

John Prolly-HILARIOUS about the shit thing. To brag, I pooed in the Yokohama Port Terminal and proceeded to find said toilet on the plans in the book.

Feb 2, 06 3:29 pm

Yes, in Holland It was "I shat in the Kunsthaal..."

Feb 2, 06 3:36 pm


Feb 2, 06 3:48 pm

Is that the name of a Rotterdam-based office? Am I missing something? Acronyms scare me.

Feb 2, 06 4:27 pm you say - hmmm

lol I'm kidding - y'all are funny. I never had any luck dating women who were architects asside a night out dancing. Nor artists or dancers. I find it the "other" people who find the whole being an architect interesting and intriguing the rest think its kinda boring - wtf!

Feb 2, 06 4:41 pm
Heather Ring

just be sure you dont think too much

Feb 2, 06 4:47 pm

mdler, i am a guy.
thanks for the info. guys.

Feb 2, 06 5:17 pm


Feb 2, 06 5:25 pm

sorry dude.
where are the girls from the LA area, clearly i am not the only one in this pickle...i hope.

Feb 2, 06 5:27 pm

question is: where are the (decent) guys in LA? don't architects make the worst partners, anyway?

Feb 2, 06 5:30 pm

hey geezopeez, i am nice, my girlfriend dumped because i was too nice...she said.

Feb 2, 06 5:40 pm

hmmm. yeah, we're weird like that. god, is it that hopeless? funny, this discussion suddenly became more popular than the food in la discussion!

Feb 2, 06 5:42 pm

hey, we all need a little dessert after dinner.

Feb 2, 06 5:49 pm

too nice? dude get some minerals... I find my most meaningful relationships stem from respect of the "douche chill" limit.

Ever seen that movie with Brendon Frasier and Elizabeth Hurley? You remember that part when Brendon's character is all "wide eyed" and "sensitive" - well it gets him no where and that portion of the movie gave me serious douche chills

Look it up on Urban Dictionary for a def

Don't be so nice that if your friends heard you talk to your girl, they'd be lunching on you for hours. But don't lamp around being all pissed off at her either.

Feb 2, 06 5:56 pm

i'm a girl, but i'm a huge jerk. is this why i ain't getting action?

Feb 2, 06 6:02 pm

so it's already springtime in LA?

Feb 2, 06 6:16 pm
A Center for Ants?

what was funny was at the last LA 2x8 exhibit at the old A+D on sunset, i saw clearly a trio of "architect groupies". a co-worker commented that they probably had no idea how much money we REALLY made.

geezopeez- maybe try lowering your standards?

Feb 2, 06 6:26 pm

geezopeez, are you fat? might be another reason...???

Feb 2, 06 6:37 pm

it's springtime all the time in LA anyway, isn't it? lucky dogs, i cant believe i'm freezing my ass off in london right now...

Feb 2, 06 6:37 pm

hmm, so much for being nice heh sheetrock? jeezus.

Feb 2, 06 6:50 pm

that is ridiculous, and rude.
no wonder you're having a hard time.

Feb 2, 06 6:53 pm

woah yeah sheetrock - damn.

I personally like girls that are huge jerks. And girls that carry brass knucks

Feb 2, 06 6:53 pm

for your information, i prefer "corpulent." ha. lowering the standard thing sounds like a plan. this is how much of a jerk i am: i am training the marathon with a friend who is a little chubby and we calculated his BMI to start. he told me his number and i said, nonchalantly "that means you're obese."

Feb 2, 06 6:58 pm

sorry guys, i am really nice...wait a minute are you guys all fat?

Feb 2, 06 6:58 pm

nice gimmick, sheetrock, good luck finding 'her' - actually you might want to hang out at venice beach - you might get some action from the 14 year olds there - ive heard they dig rude frat-bro type comments

Feb 2, 06 7:03 pm

grab that herp while your there too.

Feb 2, 06 7:04 pm
A Center for Ants?

i am a banana

Feb 2, 06 7:14 pm
vado retro

you'd think there would be a "designers" dating service...

Feb 2, 06 7:17 pm

geez, are you training for the Napa marathon?

Feb 2, 06 7:18 pm

no, la marathon.

Feb 2, 06 7:24 pm

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