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We hope you enjoy this new format. Some new features include:

  • Mandatory registration - this feature will require account activation to participate in the discussions. We hope this will drastically cut down on the frequent spam and abuse that was prevalent in the previous forum. Registration helps by making posters accountable for their contributions eventually increasing the quality of the discussions. Registration does not require revealing one's real-life identity in any form. You may choose your own screen name and your email address will never be visible by anyone else.
  • Optional subject filtering - on the discussion forum index you can select to filter the discussions based on subject matter. By default ALL discussions from ALL subjects will be presented on the main forum index allowing participants to browse all sections simultaneously. You can also choose to ignore discussions in the 'Academia', 'Politics', and 'Random Tangents' sections, as those subjects tend to only concern certain groups.
  • Member profiles - with registration, each member can create their personal profile page. Other members can learn about each other by clicking on screen names in the discussion forum or any other section on Archinect. Recent posts and comments are also available to browse on the profile pages.
  • Better searching - the new search engine is updated in real time, allowing for quick searches of old discussions
  • Comment notification - when participants start or react to discussions, there is an option to be notified when the discussion is commented. This is especially helpful when seeking information which may not be posted immediately.
  • Compatability - this new forum format is now compatible with all current platform/browser configurations.
  • Pagination - no more super-long discussions. Now discussions will be broken into multiple pages when the discussion becomes extremely active.
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    Mar 9, 04 6:46 pm
    anatomical gift

    It's good to be back!

    May 24, 04 1:24 pm  · 

    As I'm sure the 7 or 8 people (not including myself) who frequently post to everyone's favorite thread, "Hi all you fancy graphics lovers", are aware, it's annoying as all hell to navigate those long threads.

    Well, for the sake of being one downright helpful bad jasper, I discovered a way to quickly navigate through those long threads without having to continuously scroll down and hit "next."

    Taking Per's thread as the example, we have a web address that looks like this:
    This link will take you to the first page. The key to quick navigation is the the 8091_0 _42_0_C part, with the highlighted numeral being the one you need to edit. For the second page (the range of posts from 100 to 199), simply enter '100' in place of the '0': 8091_100 _42_0_C
    To quickly access the latest entries (800 to what we all know will eventually be 899), use '800'.

    Hope that helps the rest of the Per Corell fanatics! Or anyone else contributing to a long and interesting discussion on Archinect.
    Jun 10, 05 7:19 pm  · 

    dude, thx! I've been avoiding one of my favorites (Confessions of an architect) out of pure laziness.

    Jun 10, 05 7:55 pm  · 

    yeah, we need a go to end of thread button at the top of the first page or something.

    Jun 10, 05 8:17 pm  · 
    Luis Fraguada

    or perhaps numbers for pages like on the image gallery . . .

    Jun 10, 05 8:18 pm  · 

    since you all sent me such nice birthday messages i just added page numbers to the comment navigation in the forum threads.

    Jun 10, 05 8:35 pm  · 

    Mr. Petrunia, you f*'in rock.

    Happy Birthday.

    Jun 10, 05 8:36 pm  · 

    thanks PP and Happy Mutha Fucking Birthday! 30?

    Jun 10, 05 8:45 pm  · 

    paul, you are the greatest.

    Jun 10, 05 9:43 pm  · 

    Wheeeeeeee! There's no stoppin' Per now!

    Jun 10, 05 10:05 pm  · 


    Jun 10, 05 10:47 pm  · 
    liberty bell

    Paul, you do indeed rock. Thanks.

    Jun 11, 05 9:21 am  · 

    archinect team,
    congrats on the version2.0.

    recently there was a poll for having a seperate subject discussion for "grad schools".

    1.what about it? is it still on?

    i`ve found archinect to be truly informative in many ways but when i want to go back in time to read articles which came in the news or even some interview, it does`nt seem to be possible.

    2.would archinect have an ARCHIVE section later on? atleast a collection of the links that wud fwd one to the site?

    a lot more suggestions could be given to this popular site, but i guess too much wud not be possible to include and will increase the maintenance?

    Jun 11, 05 9:52 am  · 

    congrats archinect,

    it would be great to have some feature to sort posts in thread by descending/ascending order.

    thanx for page numbers.

    best regards.

    Jun 11, 05 2:20 pm  · 

    weldone guys..

    and make it possible for writers to delete and edit posts ...

    Jun 12, 05 1:39 am  · 

    god bless you for those page numbers Paul!!!

    viva la archinect!

    Jun 12, 05 3:33 am  · 

    what are the secret rules for the search function?

    --it seems when i search for a name or word i KNOW to be on a thread, i get no hits. ie its not always working, or only works to a certain level.

    Jun 12, 05 10:24 am  · 

    as far as I know -I could be wrong- the search machine just looks for words on the title and the opening message in each topic...
    and its a shame because it'd be very useful if it could be used to search on every post in each thread...

    but frankly, that's the only thing missing for me... almost anything else on Archinect is perfect! .. maybe sometimes one misses the cacophony of "your name"s in v.1, but v.2 still rocks..

    Jun 12, 05 2:05 pm  · 

    Happy to be here.

    Feb 2, 23 5:37 pm  · 

    So 3.0 soon? Seems the mods have been working hard lately.  

    Feb 2, 23 5:52 pm  · 

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