Whats Your View?

Heather Ring

What's your view from your office / studio?

That's mine. Can someone explain the gravestone in the median?

Jan 9, 06 9:28 pm
Dazed and Confused

If anyone ever asks you "what is wrong with you?" - the best answer is "this a weird planet" (i before e except after c)

Jan 9, 06 9:55 pm

That's my view, except that since it's January now, there is no more sun... :-(

Jan 9, 06 10:19 pm
liberty bell

I like this thread idea. Heather, your gravestone turnaround is a mystery to me!

Here's my current view, "through" the areaway window of my partner's basement (the blankets went up when the temp dropped to the teens a few weeks ago):

Pitiful, huh? The good news is as of today we have a handshake agreement on leasing an actual office space!! In 8 weeks I'm outta here!

Jan 10, 06 1:20 pm

The tombstone in the turnaround: it's a dead end.


Jan 10, 06 1:26 pm

Heather, what are those multi-colored spherical objects on your window sill?

Jan 10, 06 1:53 pm
Heather Ring

Oh, that ol' thing? Just our proposal for the WTC memorial. Waaay more cheery than the somber memorial they chose, don't you think?

Jan 10, 06 2:48 pm
liberty bell

Hmm, I thought those spherical things were plastic color samples, somewhat along the lines of the baseball-cum-leather samples that Spinneybeck put out many years ago.

LOL mm!

Jan 10, 06 2:56 pm
insert vado retro picture post here
Jan 10, 06 3:14 pm
Heather Ring

Okay, you got me, LB. Something more like free samples. Congrats on the new space, btw!

Frappr made me hungry for some archinect-city-context. More views!

Jan 10, 06 3:16 pm
Jan 10, 06 3:17 pm

I confess...

Jan 10, 06 4:10 pm
Heather Ring

Man, this thread is getting depressing. Javier, post us some palm trees!

Jan 10, 06 4:22 pm
liberty bell

Very funny SuperHeavy. Now please quit that job and move on to less suspect architectural pursuits.

Jan 10, 06 4:32 pm

And the tissues are because of my allergies, thank you very much!

Jan 10, 06 4:51 pm

but that view will be changing in a couple weeks (finally)

Jan 10, 06 4:55 pm
vado retro

or here...sans kleenex

Jan 10, 06 6:39 pm

i can see right into the boardroom of another practice (who we often compete against for jobs), my boss took away my laser pointer.
the other side is a pub :)

Jan 10, 06 7:59 pm

That's too bad your boss took your laser pointer away. Where is the loyalty? Maybe you can use a mirror instead....

Jan 10, 06 8:10 pm
liberty bell

Hmmm, I believe I see a lego yoda up-thread a-ways....

Pixelwhore you rock, congrats on your oblique reference to getting a new job (I think?)!

Jan 10, 06 8:52 pm

theres a lot of personalizing of the work spaces here, Hmmmmm

Jan 10, 06 10:04 pm

for Heather:

Jan 11, 06 12:41 am

Nice joke mm, made me laugh.

Jan 11, 06 3:31 am

Well I can't figure out where to put the actual view in my workspace so that I can link to it could be worse, at least I have a the closest thing I can come up with is this:

Actually SH is closer to that view than me. Minus about 16 stories. And with a couple cube walls in between. But you get the gist.

Jan 11, 06 1:56 pm
liberty bell

WonderK, email it to me and I'll put it on my flickr site and post it for you. Somewhere way back when you posted the view out your window of the blue line on the Ascent's parking lot site, right?

Jan 11, 06 2:01 pm

Yeah I put that up in my MySpace account though. Believe it or not it's way more interesting than my ACTUAL view.

I'll see if I can snag a camera.

Jan 11, 06 2:04 pm
Heather Ring

Javier ... you knew this was coming:
HOW do you get anything DONE with a view like that??

I need a vacation ...

Jan 11, 06 2:07 pm
liberty bell

Heather, just for you: Today I'm cranking out drawings and I'm listening to some lovely Hawaiian music by Ray Kinney, which occasionally has the sounds of crashing waves on the shore...very soothing!

(turn off your sound if you're at work and want to open that link w/o anyone knowing - the uke starts right up!)

Jan 12, 06 11:17 am
vado retro

book em danno

Jan 12, 06 6:32 pm
Queen of England
Jan 13, 06 6:05 pm

got a new cameraphone, a strained MCL, and snow rolling in so here's my view out the office window at 9am today. Currently just a big white blur past the first few rooftops.

Jan 31, 06 3:56 pm


Jan 31, 06 3:59 pm
sporadic supernova

A freaking construction site !! ..
I'm on site right now !!

Jan 31, 06 11:49 pm

Hey Emerson is that Schwartz-Silver?

Jan 31, 06 11:55 pm
Heather Ring

liberty bell -- i had forgotten about this, but thread revival reminded me of your lil' gift. finally had a chance to listen -- thanks, it took me away!

Feb 2, 06 1:31 am

i literally look at a wall. the cubes on either side of me have windows, but not mine. they hung a model in a glass case on the wall above mine, but somehow that doesn't cut it.

if i lean back far enough, i can see a tiny sliver of sky through one of my neighbors windows.. still not enough to even gauge the weather.

i've started pinning things on my cube wall, random mailings like postcards from museums. it brings some color, but god what i would give for a window.

Feb 2, 06 10:35 am


Mar 14, 06 11:41 pm

I'm a cubicle in a small niche in the office. It's a 4 person pod, with all of us facing the outside corners (aka we all have our back to each other). I look at a mustard color wall, and outside our little cubicle is a long series of 6 foot tall file cabinets, so we can't even look across the office to a window even if we stand natural light what so ever.

But it's ok, this Friday is my last day, and I'll return to UC untill I come back for the Summer...and so help me they won't dare to put me in the same spot...

Mar 15, 06 12:38 am

my temporary workstation; a view of nothing more than my closet next to an empty wall.

Mar 15, 06 1:55 am

check out this articl about cubicles.

Mar 15, 06 10:44 am

My 'office' last week where we topped out from the 21st floor over Luanda. Taken from the Heli-Pad, my chosen escape route in case of asctual Coup d' Etat.

Hey, since I've got a bunch of Luanda photos, somebody tell me a good free site that lets you setup a photo gallery, or personal web page. Is Frappr good? etc, etc.

Mar 15, 06 3:13 pm

Rats, I goofed on the photo: ReTry:

Hey Archinect! i really don-no lika dis way to post dem fotos.

Mar 15, 06 3:19 pm

I love Archinect, but posting photos on it really, really sux.

Mar 15, 06 3:24 pm

Oh man mysteryman i'd love to see your luanda photos. Countdown till i get to go in summer '07.

Mar 15, 06 5:02 pm

add the words


before [/img]

posting photos doesn't really suck, the required code at the bottom of every page is in grey. Add that to the above info & you're in!

Mar 15, 06 5:16 pm

Here goes:

Mar 17, 06 9:39 am


Mar 17, 06 9:40 am
Mar 17, 06 9:42 am

Awright, dats betTA.

Anyway, home sweet (smelly) home. Looking over 'The Marginale', the main road along Luanda Bay. In 30 years, it might be a place where you'd wanna take a stroll through the palms, while stopping into a cafe along the waterfront. Rightnow, though, the variation in color of the water indicates a few decdes of the path of the city sewers. Worse, there's people out there fishing & 'clam-giggin'.

Mar 17, 06 9:57 am

afternoon thunderstorm with a rainbow!! I'm outta here, luckily I have this view at home, too...

Sep 5, 07 7:01 pm

FRO...i am so jealous right now...

Sep 6, 07 10:50 am

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