Architecture related movies on Netflix..?


I am just wondering if anybody had suggestions about interesting architecture / architecture related movies on Netflix... Other than the I.M.Pei one and the 4 disc Architecture series.

Dec 31, 05 9:18 am

I don't have anything to suggest to you but if I can I'd like to add to the question you asked. I'd be interested in any movies filmed around great architecture as well...

Jan 1, 06 6:22 pm  · 

the fountainhead...

Jan 1, 06 6:32 pm  · 

Read it then watched it long ago, must admit, I was a bit disappointed

Jan 1, 06 6:39 pm  · 

ah but I should clarify. I think it had to do with not being able to pack the entire book into a movie.

Jan 1, 06 6:45 pm  · 

anybody know who did the house in the hamptons in melinda and melinda? awful movie.

Jan 2, 06 12:44 am  · 
Jan 2, 06 12:53 am  · 
Living in Gin

Blade Runner (director's cut) is my all-time favorite film... Not architecture-related per se, but it certainly has a lot of architectural content to it.

Jan 2, 06 1:22 am  · 
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Thank you all for the recommendations, Michael Blackwood’s stuff is great, my school showed one of his monographs once but they are not available on netflix. I hope he decides to put them there or something. I think architecture is by far the least "paid attention to" form of fine arts on NETFLIX.

Jan 2, 06 1:35 pm  · 

my architect - about louis kahn. done by his son, perhaps this is a given but if you haven't seen it it's pretty interesting

Jan 2, 06 4:40 pm  · 

Pi by Darren Aronofsky

My Architect by Nathaniel Kahn

Jan 2, 06 9:45 pm  · 

we drove somewhere a while back to go see my architect somewhere below albany and above nyc... i see it's in netflix so i shall add it to my queue. thanks. i am a happy owner of pi.

too bad those are not availble on netflix. other than buying directly, do you know if there are any other rental places that carry blackwood productions? it looked on the site that they no longer rent though...

Jan 3, 06 1:57 am  · 

could The Cruise (main character also in waking life) or any Woody Allen film count since they are surrounded by nyc?

Jan 3, 06 2:01 am  · 

If you're into supporting pedophiles.

Mar 15, 21 2:39 pm  · 

the films of charles and ray eames vol.1 - 6

Jan 4, 06 12:41 am  · 
Russian Ark
Jan 4, 06 11:05 am  · 

the belly of an architect

Jan 4, 06 5:24 pm  · 

Not architecture, but there's a pretty cool film on Andy Goldsworthy in Netflix

Jan 5, 06 4:28 pm  · 

Dark City

Jan 5, 06 9:21 pm  · 

Dark City is 100 minutes of my life I will never have back.

Anybody want to buy my copy?


Jan 5, 06 9:37 pm  · 
some person

Entrapment was filmed at Petronas Towers, and there is even a good scene involving the curtainwall.

Speaking of architecture as scenery, does anyone else watch commercials for the architecture?

Jan 5, 06 10:55 pm  · 

star wars?

Jan 6, 06 8:52 am  · 

the architect - its in german tho w/ subtitles

Jan 6, 06 9:45 am  · 

Maya Lin has a documentary on there. Not sure how good it is..

Jan 6, 06 9:17 pm  · 
vado retro

why is it that in my architect none of kahns illegitimate kids seem upset by the fact. god the guy was never around because he was married to someone else. i guess his genius lets him out of it. whereas had he been a salesman or an accountant, he would have been remembered by his children as an asshole, here he is just the stuff of mythological architectural anectdote. thanks daddy...

Jan 6, 06 9:44 pm  · 
Rim Joist

Beauty walks a razor's edge.

Jan 6, 06 9:54 pm  · 

Wings of Desire

Jan 8, 06 4:43 am  · 
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vado, those kids knew nothing else. They know what they know, and that's all they know. Daddy clearly had other families. The only reason Nathaniel was upset was he didn't know.

He may be considered an asshole by his family. They may just be over it.

Jan 8, 06 10:05 am  · 

I remember those Michael Blackwood films from undergrad!

Jan 8, 06 10:05 am  · 

Dark Days

and the Brady Bunch Movie

Jan 12, 06 12:18 pm  · 

adam sandler in a soon to be released movie >> click

Jan 18, 06 8:12 pm  · 
kim l.

terry gilliam's Brazil...not sure if netflix has it

Apr 4, 06 11:15 pm  · 

The Bradbury building in Downtown LA is used extensively in Bladerunner. Fantastic

Apr 5, 06 12:20 am  · 
Young Architect

Urbanized is a pretty good movie about Urban Design.

I just wrote a blog post on Architectural Movies. 

Jan 25, 14 2:40 pm  · 

The one about the Frank Lloyd Wright photographer is really good - sorry I forget the name of it right now. 

Jan 25, 14 3:22 pm  · 

I'm in Canada and our netflix is different (ie sucks) but a few movies I've watched recently that may be worth looking up are:

Visual Acoustics (Julius Shulman doc, mentioned just above)

Synecdoche, New York

Eames: Architect and Painter (actually I may not have seen this one yet)

Manufactured Landscapes

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

Jan 25, 14 7:07 pm  · 

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (Cary Grant)

The Money Pit (Tom Hanks)

Giorgo Moroder's Metropolis (contemporary edit with awesome music)

North by Northwest (Cary Grant)

Mon Oncle (Jaques Tati, 1958)

Jan 25, 14 8:26 pm  · 

I quite enjoyed the movie Ghostwriter (Ewan McGregor). It's set in a home on the east coast that features a cool cantilevered staircase.

Jan 27, 14 6:00 pm  · 
Love The Money Pit!

There's one that's excellent. It's not directly related to architecture, but valuable for any who loves design. Objectified.

There's some TED talk lectures that feature a good number of projects. Bjarke Ingels, Joshua Prince-Ramus, DS+R, among others. Just check the TED talks, there's some specially for buildings. Others are within "radical minds" categories.

Eames and Eames is pretty good. It's not strongly architectural, but they show some of their work. Their Kodak project is something worth watching. (I think it was Kodak..)
Jan 27, 14 10:00 pm  · 

Manufactured landscapes is fantastic.  Depressing but fantastic. 

Jan 28, 14 12:42 am  · 
drums please, Fab?

ugetsu monogatari 

Jan 28, 14 1:10 am  · 

I liked Midnight in Paris - playing off of Laurie Olin's essay Memory not Nostalgia.

Jan 28, 14 12:44 pm  · 

I just used 5 excellent minutes of Les Miserables in class to illustrate the ways that different kinds of urban space are used by different groups.  That scene of the commoners tossing furniture out their windows into the narrow medieval street for a barricade is awesome!

Jan 28, 14 3:15 pm  · 

Playtime by Jacques Tati

Jan 30, 14 1:41 pm  · 

There's a movie about a female architecture student that steals secrets from your dreams called Inception. I think Leonardo DiCaprio played a small part as well.

Mar 15, 21 4:58 pm  · 

Do apocalyptic movies where buildings are destroyed count?

I want to do a film where monsters destory starchitect buildings. Kong taking down Gehry's, Godzilla destroying Koolhaas, etc. 

Apr 4, 21 12:20 pm  · 
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