Why doesn't Frank Gehry show his projects on his website?


I just was wondering this because If you wanna see a Frank Gehry's project. You have to look on another website. No his own website. So, it will probably be for privacy motives. 

Dec 7, 11 8:00 pm

Because the drawing looks a whole lot better than any of his work.



Dec 7, 11 9:29 pm

drawing is interesting and so his work!


haha, those sketches...! I once had to find detail drawings of a Gehry building for a school assignment, but failed miserably because there is just no info out there - searched libraries, publications, everything and only found sketches.

In reply to OP, Gehry probably just doesn't care about putting them on his website since he gets enough publicity on his projects as it is. 

Dec 8, 11 4:10 pm

there's a book on Frank Gehry. I found all sort of details over there.

Perhaps they don't photograph well..

Dec 8, 11 4:57 pm

Cause Frank is the Chuck Norris of Architecture..."He does Kick Ashe Architecture, and he doesn't need to show them anywhere but real time." 

Dec 12, 11 6:09 pm

Gehry Partners is in a position where a fancy and well-illustrated website is an unnecessary expense of their time, money, and effort.  Clients seek them them out, not the other way around.  A client of mine invited them to submit a proposal on a good-sized building, and they turned him down.  It appears they only accept projects with the biggest scale/budgets or something small that personally interests Mr. Gehry himself.

May 25, 18 11:15 am

I've heard you need to put down $1M just to get his attention.


That would certainly separate the serious clients and projects from those that aren't 100% committed to Gehry's work.

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