Worst architectural disaster


What according to you is the worst architectural disaster in the history of mankind?

Attack and collapse of the twin towers

Attack at the pentagon

Bombings at the London underground

Earthquake in Haiti

Tsunami in Japan

Dec 4, 11 10:14 am

I would think this list should be more along the lines of architectural/engineering/design failures such as the Collapse of Terminal 2E‎ at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.

At least the first 4 of your list don't seem to have anything to do with architectural failings. While the last two as a result did create huge opportunities/challenges to which architecture could be responsive.

Or you could read your question along the lines of tragedies of architecture lost/demolished, for instance the demolition of the original Pennsylvania Station.

Dec 4, 11 12:39 pm
Living in Gin


Dec 4, 11 2:47 pm

Living is Gin is out of Lurking! Yahoo!

Dec 4, 11 2:59 pm

hey LIG!

Dec 4, 11 4:57 pm

Pruitt Igoe

Dec 4, 11 5:07 pm

^ Minoru Yamasaki has got to be the unluckiest architect of all time.

Dec 4, 11 7:35 pm

It would have sux to lived during the time of Pangaea where everything was one supercontinent and the earth’s crust broke up all the supercontinent in one shift movement rather than the millions of years it took to get to its current position.

Dec 4, 11 7:57 pm
won and done williams

Here are the obvious:

Hancock Building

Kansas City Hyatt Regency

Dec 4, 11 8:44 pm

Shanghai Lianhuanan Road building collapse in 2009

Dec 4, 11 9:13 pm


This is the worst purely architectural disaster I can think of to happen in the last 1000 years.

Warning, this video is very graphic as it shows the actual structural failure resulting in hundreds of people falling through the floor.

Dec 5, 11 4:37 am

Not including war, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, by number of people killed: Sampoong Department Store collapse (South Korea, 500 killed).

From an aesthetic point of view the competiton is fierce.


Dec 5, 11 7:03 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)


Dec 5, 11 7:47 pm



I was thinking Eisenman as well when I read the title of the post


Dec 6, 11 12:46 am

Hey LIG!

Dec 6, 11 11:43 am

if you're looking at this from the perspective of destruction of architecture as an act of war, then probably the sack of rome by the visigoths in the early 400s...  


but i agree with nam, it's a bit muddled.  define 'worst'.  worst what?  lives lost?  cultural heritage lost?  building systems failure?  

Dec 7, 11 11:27 am

Here's a disaster

Dec 7, 11 1:13 pm

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