Lordship for Archinecters?

le bossman


i am requesting permission to attain the title of Lord Bossman, and also to dub anyone Sir that i want on archinect. also, i think anyone with more posts than me should be a Lord.

Nov 19, 05 1:08 pm
Queen of England

I hereby appoint you His Lordship Le Bossman, Lord of Archinect. I however reserve the right to knight who I please.

Nov 19, 05 1:53 pm

ah good lord! -- Per just missed the cut off!

but i am suspect of anyone who signs up to be a queen for a day....

Nov 19, 05 2:28 pm
liberty bell

Lord Bossman, since I have more posts than you I better put in my request to be made a Lord. Cuz I sure as hell ain't a Lady.

Nov 19, 05 2:30 pm

can i be a squire?

Nov 19, 05 3:04 pm

I'd like to be Duchess.....

Nov 19, 05 4:33 pm

Dibs on "Count"....

"Count Pixelwhore" doesn't have the same ring at "Lord Bossman" though

Nov 19, 05 5:00 pm
Ms Beary

Principessa Strawbeary

Nov 19, 05 5:06 pm

Squire... waiting to be Knighted (preferably on the battlefield).

Nov 19, 05 5:58 pm
le bossman

anyone with as many posts as me can be lord. so your new name would be "Lord liberty bell." also i could dub anyone sir. so you could be "Sir Lord liberty bell" under the condition that i knighted you. that's the whole deal. i think a lot of people on archinect would actually want this to happen.

Nov 19, 05 6:29 pm
le bossman

i already have a pretty good list of people that i would like to knight.

Nov 19, 05 6:30 pm
le bossman
Nov 19, 05 6:35 pm
le bossman

i think this is a really good idea!

Nov 19, 05 6:36 pm
brian buchalski a really stupid idea.

Nov 19, 05 6:37 pm
le bossman

because i work on saturdays douchebag. well, i know someone who won't legitimately be calling himself "Sir puddles."

Nov 19, 05 6:41 pm
le bossman

hitting the bar tonight?

Nov 19, 05 6:42 pm
brian buchalski

thank you lord bossman...we love the royals! :)

Nov 19, 05 6:42 pm
brian buchalski

i'm hitting bed tonight...i've been at the bar for the last 7 hours and had more jack'n'cokes than i can count and *surprise* i managed to break two glasses yippee...sadly, no scotch, but that's for sunday. i'll hit the at rush st tomorrow evening, bring you royalness if you can

Nov 19, 05 6:46 pm
brian buchalski

behold the honorable...

Earl of Øl

Nov 19, 05 6:58 pm
liberty bell

Jon Bon Jovi received an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Monmouth University in 2000.

So that's "Doctor Bon Jovi" to you, pal.

I'll stick with Lord Liberty.

Nov 19, 05 6:59 pm

Herr Hasselhoff

Nov 19, 05 7:00 pm
brian buchalski


earth to bossman... earth to bossman...helloooo

Nov 19, 05 7:01 pm
le bossman

is that jen's party?

Nov 19, 05 7:10 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

this thread gives me something to aspire to.

Nov 19, 05 7:29 pm

can i be a Duke?

Nov 19, 05 7:37 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

I think I want to be a Baron. Or at least a Baronet. Is that commensurate with my post-count status?

Nov 19, 05 7:46 pm

Being a republican and a nationalist, the apointment of Lord is an appeasement to the proclaimed monarchy.

Citizen BOTS reporting.

Nov 20, 05 5:35 am

this is a retarded thread, no offence.

Nov 20, 05 6:24 am
le bossman

bots you are definitely in the running for a swift knighting, if this whole thing goes through. you would be required to change your name to "Sir Lord Bots."

Nov 20, 05 9:37 am
le bossman

this thread is so hot it could make janet reno open a paint can with her ding dong

Nov 20, 05 9:38 am

i think it's brilliant. i accept, of course.

Nov 20, 05 10:02 am

Can I be the Wizard of Archinect?

Nov 20, 05 10:44 am

I have to be marquis... Marquis de French... Isn't it cool?

Nov 20, 05 10:49 am
Ms Beary

aw, peon bLAyer better get his/her post count up to middleman status AT LEAST before posting on this thread, or even reading it for that matter.

Nov 20, 05 11:08 am

Wow, I just relized how far behind my total comments number has become... I gotta get my ass in gear.

Nov 20, 05 6:48 pm
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

If I just click submit another few hundred times in this thread, does that count?

Nov 20, 05 7:54 pm

can i be the cardinal? always fancied the "power behind the scenes" figure.
if bots had his ways you'd all end up beheaded on the public square...which probably wouldn't stop you guys fro starting such threads...
how many posts so far?

Nov 20, 05 8:02 pm

120 less that you bossman, but almost three times the entries...yup, i'm ready for my increadibly powerful, god given political position.

I shall be plotting your downfall behind your backs in a secret dungeon near you!

Nov 20, 05 8:04 pm

Lord Diabase of The Order of Archinect
prosto stare stiti architectura quoniam 1997

Nov 20, 05 8:13 pm

what is my count up too?

Nov 20, 05 8:19 pm

hmm a little short..

Nov 20, 05 8:20 pm

I would accept the lowly Viscount title...or maybe Vicomte Guiggster to fit my French surname. But you have to admit Grand Duke Guiggster has a ring to it.

Nov 20, 05 8:25 pm

Can I be a Jedi Knight!?!


Nov 20, 05 11:01 pm

Jedi Knight!
Dammit, why didn't I think of that!

"Sith Lord" sounds kinda sexy...

Nov 20, 05 11:05 pm

well, at least Lady Rationalist would clue everyone in to the fact that I'm not a guy...

btw, I guess this is as good of a place as any to mention to the regulars that I was beginning to get rather attached to that the reason for my diminished presence on archinect as of late is due to the looking-over-the-shoulder tendencies of one of the associates at my office. No less love to y'all, just being prudent at work.

Nov 20, 05 11:09 pm

Lady Rationalist, do any of your associates check your email (because we can all check each others' emails), and when you have a bad day and happen to email one of your friends about it, do they use it against you? And pass it on to your bosses so they can pull you into a room and freak you out with it?

That happened to Duchess WonderK once. That was a fun day. It's all good now though.

Notice we don't have any duplicate titles so far. Gosh we're creative.

Nov 20, 05 11:41 pm

Sorry Wonder K but the 'Dutchess' will always be Peggy Mitchell of the Queen Vic, Albert Square, down the Eastend.

AKA Barbara Windsor.

Eastenders (2005)

Carry on Doctor (1967)

Nov 21, 05 3:59 am
vado retro

lord vado needs a wench

Nov 21, 05 5:02 am

i`ll be a nobleman soon. but now i could join the religious order of priests..can i?
chameleon the druid, prophet,...
but i ain`t no jester for sure.

Life could not better be, on an archinect spree
knights full of chivalry, villains full of villainy

You'll see as you suspect maidens fair, in silks bedecked
each tried and true effect for the umpteenth time we resurrect

We did research -- authenticity was a must!
zukes! did we search! and what did we find?
a lotta dust!

We asked Shakespeare and francis bacon would they declare
which one wrote this and they both said: get outta dere!

are you guys forming a secret society too?

Nov 21, 05 6:03 am

you'll never know, dude. it's a secret.

Nov 21, 05 6:14 am
brian buchalski

i'd rather have a ghetto name
like lil'mookie or big al larange

how about mc bob? can i be called mc bob?

Nov 21, 05 10:59 am

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