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any advice on working in sweden? pros/cons please. jag talar en liten svenska och skulle vilja talar mer. (i speak a little swedish and would like to speak more.) i am especially interested in the oresund (malmo/lund/etc)

again, pros AND cons if you have them -- also some advice...?

Oct 21, 05 4:14 pm

oh, and is it completely preposterous to think about actually being self-employed/starting my own gig there? i am not an EU citizen although i think my mother could become one based on her irish-born grandparents...

Oct 21, 05 4:20 pm

a good friend is in sweden. well, IS swedish. based on his personality alone i gotta say anything is possible. Incredibly open. Actually all the swedish folk i know are amazingly quirky and fun. I don't know if its the latitude or just the people that leave the country...

i know, these observations aren't useful... but my friend did tell me a bit about the system for architects there ....if i understood him correctly (and assuming he wasn't bullshitting me for th ehell of it) there are no licence requirements for architects (there is no licence or protected legal status for architects AT ALL, anyone can call themself an architect if they want to) so legally there is no issue with making an office as long as you have the citizenship thing down.

Ireland does alllow you to get a visa if your grandparents were irish, or it did a few years back. your mum wants to move to europe too?

Oct 21, 05 7:25 pm
Heather Ring

I wish I could find the email ... but I sent some work samples to a Swedish landscape architect I admired a few years ago in hopes of landing a summer internship. His response, to paraphrase, was something like: "We Swedes are a funny people. In the early summer, we pack up our bags, lock our office doors and head out to rest in the country for several months." If this is true, ochona, you'll have quite a time.

Oct 22, 05 1:01 am

I gave some advice to working in Stockholm not so long ago. If you want, I can list some öresund-region offices as well.

Oct 22, 05 6:30 am

... and jump's comment on an absence of legal license is true - anyone can call themselves an architect. However, after studies and one year of working experience you will be able to call yourself "architect MSA" which means that you have a higher legal status (honestly I don't know much about the practical implications since I never worked in my home-country).

Oct 22, 05 6:34 am

General pros/cons about working in Sweden

pro: atleast 5 weeks of vacation every year, free(ish) health care
con: highest taxes in the world, not that much going on (since we're only a country of 9 million)

Since I haven't worked that much outside of Sweden (and don't really have a great frame of reference in this matter) my advice wouldn't be as usuful to you as that of a non-Swede who has worked here, but if you have more concrete questions I'll be sure to answer them the best I can.

... and just a small foot note to help you with your studies of the Swedish language.
en liten svenska = a small swede (feminine)
lite svenska = some swedish
(you'll pick it up in no-time)

Good luck with your Swedish job hunt!

Oct 22, 05 12:19 pm

a-f, I would love to hear about some of the more interesting offices in Malmo and Lund

Oct 23, 05 9:53 am

...LOL aemkei, it's like when i was in church one day and the priest meant to say, in spanish, "desculpenos el Senor para nuestros pecados." forgive us, lord, for our sins. but instead he said "desculpenos el Senor para nuestros pescados." forgive us, lord, for our fish.

helpful, helpful comments y'all -- keep 'em coming. for information, i am a licensed architect in TX with four years' experience. i fell in love with sweden in 1999 when i was there in college. so in a few years we would like to make the move.

unfortunately my irish grandmother was born in new york so in terms of citizenship, no go there.

the taxes don't bother me, thankfully -- i would gladly pay 50+% of my income if i could have a working healthcare system (for all) and a decent educational system for my future kids. i would love to take the summer off each year. as sigmund jahn said in "good bye lenin!", the rat race isn't for everyone.

would like to know more, specifically, from anyone who has had any experience with work permits, real estate, etc over there. and any info about malmo/lund architects as well, although my time frame is a few years out and all that kind of stuff can change.

Oct 24, 05 10:58 am

Ochona - I know this is an old post, but did anything come of it? I'd love to find work in Sweden - particularly Malmo - but I'm not even sure where to start.

Jul 30, 06 3:41 pm

Have you tried sending your resume to firms in Malmo?

vado retro

komen to sveeeden jearka stora...komen...

Jul 30, 06 3:45 pm


I am an Architect based India with 2.5 years of experience in India as well as Japan.

What are the possible job chances?

Dec 4, 17 6:31 am
Non Sequitur

Your chances are as good as your research skills. Good luck on this 11year old post.

You should perhaps focus on the probable ones.


How well versed are you in the art of the Allen wrench?

I have metric and uk


That was intended for Nikita, but good for you :)

the skate boarders keep taking them though

I would but I lack insulation and circulation.

Dec 4, 17 12:37 pm

The internet is designing a house for me in Sweden, now I have to go.

Dec 5, 17 8:44 pm

I just asked Sweden if I can just set up shop there. Does anyone know how long it takes Sweden to answer typically?

Dec 5, 17 10:59 pm

There's nothing barring a person from working on projects in Sweden from where you are at. However, there would be a requirement to have Work visa or similar stuff that authorizes you to work while within Sweden. For example: If you make a visit to Sweden to meet up with a client or do site visits, you may be required to have some form of 'visa'/passport and all that stuff and where necessary, means of supporting yourself in that country during the time there. If you work remotely from outside Sweden on a client project without requiring you to be physically in Sweden, you won't need to have a work visa. You'll need to have (or the firm you work for) business licenses to conduct business in Sweden (to conduct business with clients) and all stuff for any required VAT that you maybe required to pay. These are just some of the things you may need to do before conducting business in Sweden and other countries. I have reviewed the stuff before but I haven't looked at the stuff in the last 3 months so I have to refresh myself on the specifics but the above comes to mind.

There are other work to be done like any business. How do your procure clients for projects in Sweden? How do you market/advertise yourself so that clients with projects in Sweden would be able to be aware that you exist and offering services they need? (You know.... market awareness... you are going to have little to no chance of finding client if they don't know you/your business exists).

That can be more difficult than it may seem.

No, I want to be in Sweden. America is not so hot these days. It seems to be a combination of smartphones and contempt for education.

Supposedly Jewish people are now hiding in basements in Sweden.

Dec 11, 17 7:42 pm

Who are they hiding from?

brainwashed idiots (historically)

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