Exterior wall panels


I am remodelling a 10 story office building with really awful exterior skin (which has been painted about 20 times). The new owner wants to cover it up (re-skinning the building is out of the question)
I have done a search in the forums and not found anything... I am currently considering: SwissPearl, and CEP-Petrarch Panels. Metals are also out of the question...
Must be Lightweight, and thin. Any suggestions are appreciated in advance.

Aug 17, 05 3:16 pm

You're missing a genuine opprtunity: Paint the faaker again! Seriously, look what these faakers did:


Aug 17, 05 10:13 pm

Hi, I read your post and I think that you would also like to decorate the interior and i think I may know the solution of the above problem. I know a very genuine company which would help you do that they also own a website, so you can visit it to get help and assistance about decorative wood panels.


I don't know the price point but " Equitone" Fiber Cement Panels might do the trick.

Sep 26, 14 8:35 am

You can opt for Metal Glazing Infill Panels, they can benefit you if you are looking for cost effective and aesthetically pleasing option for your building.

Jun 22, 18 7:40 am

Video projections.

Jun 22, 18 1:55 pm

I am happy to introduce a company that can be visited at that produce cement bonded panels for walls which are a durable decoration material. The material strength is really great and recommendable It seems to be quiet natural wood.It can be used for noise reduction panels for walls and ceilings. The wood wool sound absorbing panels for walls are suitable for screw mounting and are also easy to use and for cutting.

Aug 3, 18 5:05 am

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