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I am remodelling a 10 story office building with really awful exterior skin (which has been painted about 20 times). The new owner wants to cover it up (re-skinning the building is out of the question)
I have done a search in the forums and not found anything... I am currently considering: SwissPearl, and CEP-Petrarch Panels. Metals are also out of the question...
Must be Lightweight, and thin. Any suggestions are appreciated in advance.

Aug 17, 05 3:16 pm

You're missing a genuine opprtunity: Paint the faaker again! Seriously, look what these faakers did:


Aug 17, 05 10:13 pm

Hi, I read your post and I think that you would also like to decorate the interior and i think I may know the solution of the above problem. I know a very genuine company which would help you do that they also own a website, so you can visit it to get help and assistance about decorative wood panels.


I don't know the price point but " Equitone" Fiber Cement Panels might do the trick.

Sep 26, 14 8:35 am

You can opt for Metal Glazing Infill Panels, they can benefit you if you are looking for cost effective and aesthetically pleasing option for your building.

Jun 22, 18 7:40 am

we're looking for something really expensive and ugly as possible

Video projections.

Jun 22, 18 1:55 pm

Well you can check the site [url= wooden panels[/url]. It has got great quality panels which is resistant to moisture and is also waterproof and sound proof. I was also in need of some panels and was suugested this site, it really has a great design and products.

Sep 9, 18 1:50 am

Trespa (or any HPL) panels?

Sep 9, 18 9:48 am

Well, it's not going to be as cheap, some structural additions will be necessary, but you could create a double-skin facade. This would be leaving the original wall, adding some structural steel supports that tie back to the building structure, and then just installing a CWS or other continuous panel on the outside of the building. It's better than a re-skin, and it creates an awesome thermal/waterproofing envelope. They do it in Europe a bit.

Sep 13, 18 11:24 am

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