I don't really know what I want. Let's see. Work Updates used to be comedy gold, but now it's full of good, serious work. Dunno what's up with that... The Blogs page scrolls really slowly. Grease it up pls.

Sherman Williams goop banner seems to have more features than this whole website. Forum section should be branded Faux Impressions. Features as Color Tools. I'd like that.

Speaking of 'like' there should be a like button for all the user comments. I like being 'ironic'. Also, people have asked for an ignore button (mostly due to me), so we should have that. Not a functional one, just a button that plays moo.wav when pressed. 

No idea what happened to T-shirts, but if I ever find that section again, I expect an XXXL to be offered.

I want more random buttons above this text box, that's all.

There must be more... This movement is too young, but I'm not going anywhere until my demands are met. 

I am the other 99 luft balons!


Oct 6, 11 8:28 pm


Oct 6, 11 11:09 pm

^ like button pls.

Oct 6, 11 11:32 pm



Oct 7, 11 1:58 am

let's add: no more opening links in frames.  The link below may start to give us all an introductory education as to why they were ever even allowed into the html language (here's a hint.  they were not created to be used the way you're using them)

p.s.  there's really no reason for anyone to follow that link.

Oct 7, 11 11:45 am

I'll start protesting if we start seeing Papyrus all over the place.  Die.  Please.



Oct 7, 11 12:14 pm













I demand more white space.

Oct 7, 11 12:32 pm

Was there any logic to the frames?  What does it do for us or the 'nect?

Oct 7, 11 12:48 pm



"I am the Earth Mother, and you are all flops!"



Oct 7, 11 4:08 pm



Kiss and make up.



Oct 7, 11 4:22 pm

im gonna stay here until there is an unlike option

Oct 7, 11 5:40 pm

Mark forum threads and comments as read and unread ... with a button to jump to the first unread comment not just the last comment.

Font options get too messy

Oct 7, 11 11:40 pm

I just went through and opened a bunch of links.  None of them opened in frames.  Does that mean the #occupy movement is starting to see results?  Next thing you know there will be a "Like (but in an ironic way)" button on every thread!

Oct 13, 11 10:02 am

comrades! our occupyarchienct protest has been a resounding failure. 

The oppressors did remove that dumb 'feature' thingy that followed any external link you clicked.

In return, they imposed a new feature called "blogs" right inside the "forums" section that breaks every scientific law of mouse wheel scrolling.

until our children rise up again, we shall return to our cad monkey sweatshops. and have dreams of a better future.


Oct 20, 11 10:27 pm


Oct 20, 11 10:40 pm

Connecting this to architecture. Is there a relationship between progressive architecture and a destabilized social climate. I'm tempted to believe that when architecture revolves around such restless moments in history, it can produce very powerful stuff, even if the times are used as an excuse to apply new unrelated ideas.


Whatever it is that's going on in the world, from the Middle East, to the London riots, to Occupy wall street,(I'm not sure if all of these moments are related), if such moments can result into some 'architectural good', that would be pretty amazing.
Some possible applications:
-as mentioned before - setting a standard minimum wage per job, including architects
-is there a project-based approach to create an architectural response to this movement? could such a project be a work of fiction?


discuss the above, instead of clowning around, or using these events as excuse to lend some excitement into your mediocre architectural lives of spec-ing and detailing

Oct 21, 11 1:42 am

otherwise you're just a bunch of untalented architects that know a lot about economics...

Oct 21, 11 1:47 am

Our voice must continue to be heard ...

BTW, I posted this at 7:00 pm Pacific Time, but it won't show up that way.

Nov 7, 11 10:00 pm

what happened to formatting?

my return button doesn't work right anymore

It used to work right.

May 1, 12 5:44 pm

curtkram - it looks like something happened while we were enabling commenting in the iPhone app this morning. The commenting should be resolved now, but we will need to investigate this further to see if there are problems elsewhere.

May 1, 12 6:42 pm

occupy the app?

May 1, 12 9:38 pm

Thanks Archinect!

If only the Oakland cops would listen and respond as well as you guys.

May 2, 12 9:16 am

I just noticed that Rusty above demanded more white space.

You happy now Rusty?  You broke everyone's formatting with your senseless demands.  You can't say Archinect doesn't listen.

May 2, 12 9:27 am

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