Looking for great parking building


Hi, anyone has a picture of the Parking facility at the Mit...
The multi-floor parking is covering by mesh with climbing vines...

Anything else may do it as well!


Aug 8, 05 2:03 pm

are you talking about the Princeton University Parking Structure?
by Machado Silvetti? there's only one picture on their website..
i'm trying to think of a similar one on MITs campus...

Aug 8, 05 2:17 pm  · 

Thanks lars ,good parking exemple but that's not it.

The building i saw was in Cambridge...not that far from the Gehry building on the new ''technological'' campus...

Aug 8, 05 2:25 pm  · 

can you figure out which garage it is on this map?
you might be able to find pics when you know who
the architect is...

Aug 8, 05 3:28 pm  · 

this one by mahler guenster fuchs in heilbronn

i know of others, will post later if desired

Aug 8, 05 5:21 pm  · 

Nice one Melivt!
please post!

Aug 8, 05 5:53 pm  · 

Lars, I think it is right beside NE48...
It's like a cube covered in mesh-wire and vines...

Aug 8, 05 5:55 pm  · 

alright, trying to remember the good ones. actually, if you search, i think this came up in an earlier topic. but it might just have been some quick investigatory journalism i did for a friend.

[solargarage][/img] vauban is pretty wicked

princeton parking garage, ten arquitectos

luscher architectes - addition to a garage in montreux

hadid did a tram/bus/park + ride station in strasbourg. not so bad, as far as zaha goes.

gigon_guyer's parking solution at the kunsthaus winterthur was really nice, except when i was there, some of the profilit had been smashed out.

and i tihnk njiric + njiric did one, but it's getting late and i don't recall. sorry, hope those help a bit.

Aug 8, 05 10:53 pm  · 

TEN Arq (frm Slate) Princeton (?)

Aug 9, 05 1:22 am  · 
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)


Aug 9, 05 5:40 am  · 

the was an article in architecture magazine a few years back that featured nicely/smartly designed parking structures. I believe it was called: "Looking For Parking." Unfortunately, I don't remember the month or year but I do recall some nice diagrams of different types of circulation through structures.

Aug 9, 05 9:01 am  · 

tried to post a pic, but theres plenty on the website. it looks much cooler now, after several years and ivy and all. so why does princeton get two of the most beautiful parking garages on the east coast?

Aug 9, 05 10:40 pm  · 

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