Rhino question: faceting a complex curved surface


I'm working on a project that will ultimately be fabricated out of water jet cut steel plates. In my rhino model, I currently have a complex curved surface modeled, the closest explanation of the shape would be a little less than 1/2 a water droplet if you cut a section through it. I am wanting to triangulate a series of simplified planar surfaces, recreating an abstracted version of  the curved form out of about 8 surfaces (as opposed to a more literal copy of the form which would require hundreds of surfaces at least).

Does anyone know of a method or command to generate this process in rhino?


Oct 5, 11 10:13 am

hey, if you haven't yet tried grasshopper, it sounds like this project would be a good exercise in it.  you should direct your question to the community...there is a ton of resourceful people there!

Oct 5, 11 1:16 pm

the paneling tools (free) should also be able to handle this


Oct 5, 11 1:19 pm

Yeah, if turnaround is quicker, I'd suggest paneling tools as well.  It's a little more forgiving on the learning curve.

Oct 5, 11 3:08 pm

thanks for the info, paneling tools looks like it's going to work, i'm trying to jump into grasshopper for patterning the surfaces...

Oct 5, 11 3:38 pm

Did you try meshing directly in rhino?

Oct 16, 11 1:36 pm

try meshing with a low polygon count

Oct 17, 11 10:10 am

What did you finally do? Reducing poly count in max would also have worked.

Dec 9, 11 3:38 pm

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