S,M,L,XL : which edition do you have?


I suppose this has become somewhat of a cult phenomenon, but i'm wondering how many editions of S,M,L,XL are out there.

I'll start. I've got the orange and black stamped cover. Inside says:

New edition published throughout the world
(except on the North American continent) in 1997 by
Benedikt Taschen Verlag GambH
Hohenzollernring 53, D-50672 Koln

Anyone else?

Jul 31, 05 12:53 pm

ive got the purple text/title one...

ive seen the orginal editions for around $500... what the f?

do we atleast get to see the japanese porn uncensored in that one?

Jul 31, 05 3:25 pm

spiderdad: you're missing the porn point

Jul 31, 05 3:28 pm

i have the one with the silver-grey cover with light blue letters..

and i have Koolhaas' signature (the real signature by the real person, not by a machine-was when he came to ucla some years back for a lecture).

somehow i dont care about the book and signature anymore...

Jul 31, 05 7:30 pm

I have the same as you sameolddoctor: light blue letters.
Oddly enough, mine is signed also, by the real person, but upside-down and in pink paint marker. Had to pretty much stalk Rem after a lecture at Amherst College to get him to sign it.

And Javier is right - the porn being uncensored would ruin the porn...

Jul 31, 05 8:13 pm
The Thriller in Manila

Silver with Yellow text

Jul 31, 05 8:14 pm
vado retro

black with black text freakin hard to read

Jul 31, 05 8:39 pm

i have the one that rem took a dump on..It's really great, I think that I am going to put it up for auction soon.

I'll keep the archinect community posted, I bet mad people would want to get their hands on some of rem's fecal matter.

Jul 31, 05 8:54 pm

cool a new shit stirrer. welcome aboard arrrrrrrrarrrrrz.

Jul 31, 05 8:57 pm
Mason White

just dont try and pass your shit off as rem's excrement ...

Jul 31, 05 9:00 pm

silver with yellow, baby..
coool mint if i wanna sell it.
thanks mom for getting that for me christmas 96!

Aug 1, 05 11:49 am

silver with yellow, baby..
coool mint if i wanna sell it.
thanks mom for getting that for me christmas 96!

Aug 1, 05 11:49 am

mason - classic post, you should enter it in the fancy graphic lover contest!

Aug 1, 05 12:13 pm

had the light blue - lost it over a custody battle, I had to buy a new[er] edition.

Aug 1, 05 3:56 pm
Aug 1, 05 4:22 pm

second edition
i got mine in germany

Aug 1, 05 5:41 pm
Francisco David Boira

first ed founded in BCN years ago in a bookstore around Barri Gotic (60 dollars)

Aug 1, 05 6:34 pm

2nd ed. black & lt. blue

Aug 1, 05 7:37 pm

Yellow... decommissioned from the Lansing public library, cracked spine and nearly unbound folios.

Aug 1, 05 7:58 pm

yellow, a guy who came from the NL sold it to me in 200$ (bastard), i thought that at the time it was worth the sacrifice, later i saw it in amazon for 50$, but i guess that because of the weight, sending it to south america would have increased the cost a lot

Aug 1, 05 8:11 pm

One yellow Monacelli press, one orange 97 taschen (this happens when you finally fuse library with your girlfriend)
Curious note for hardcore fans: the orange signed by 'maddie', pg. 22. on the side of her work.

Aug 1, 05 8:17 pm

silver/purple, second edition, 1998.

as an aside: just finished the career overview of bruce mau called 'life style'. it's out in paperback and worth picking up. about the smae size as smlxl. same manifesto-style text, too, but the fact that it was about graphic design and NOT architecture made it easier for me to free associate and spin off interesting ideas (that may or not have any bearing on architecture) into my sketchbook. i got so into the specifics of smlxl that it was harder for me to do this.

Aug 2, 05 12:40 pm


Aug 2, 05 3:53 pm


Aug 2, 05 4:58 pm

orange, first, spain

Aug 2, 05 6:54 pm

fine, fine, if anyone can get 2g's for their yellow and silver copy of SMLXL, please post the receipt here so we can all shower you with our praises and fecal matter. What about OMA pre-SMLXL - any interesting editions of delirious new york out there?

Aug 2, 05 9:51 pm
Mason White

i somehow aquired the japanese version of delirious ny while working at monacelli (we received a lot of internatioal edition copies for 'approval').
kept it as an catalyst to eventually learn (some) jpnese.

Aug 6, 05 7:44 pm

I sold my first edition SMLXL about a year ago on eBay for around $115. It helps to get over the (artificial) hump.

Aug 7, 05 1:31 pm

japanese - nice - I wonder if it sounds any more delirious in Japanese than it does in english, or if it just comes accross as shodily translated.

Aug 16, 05 10:02 am

smlxl - first edition, monicelli press (the yellow cover). signed by rem at the gsd the night of the book release (he was lecturing and autographing). still in really good shape.

delirious new york - first edition paperback, oxford press. a gift from an older architect who didn't really like how rem had evolved. probably not worth all that much, certainly not as much as the hardback.

Aug 16, 05 1:41 pm

i have a signed blue/silver also!

Aug 16, 05 5:01 pm

yellow first ed. smlxl signed

hardcover delirious first ed. (25 bucks used,perfect condition)got it signed - he gasped and asked if I was sure that I wanted him to deface it - not kidding...just sign the book rem - at the time I almost didn't have twenty five bucks in the bank.

what is it worth?

Aug 16, 05 11:25 pm
Mission St.

i have the green edition (3rd printing). green text on green paper. the very slight difference in paper/ink color makes it a bit hard to read.
everyone seriously interested in this thread: fuck off and die.

Aug 17, 05 6:16 am


What's up with the purple one? Mine says "Second Edition 1998"

Feb 11, 14 1:22 pm
On the fence

Was I supposed to get one of these?

Feb 11, 14 4:27 pm

wow - i found my original comment up in there. back when i was clandestine and all.

Feb 12, 14 6:34 pm

I have three copies of the yellow spine first edition Monacelli Press version. I bought the first when it came out and the other two I found for cheap in used bookstores. 

Feb 12, 14 7:09 pm

same here. back then i was more jaded i guess

Feb 12, 14 8:36 pm

mine is 2nd ed.  i was far less jaded back then.  rem and bruce gave me hope.  it's nice to think back on those days sometimes.

Feb 12, 14 8:49 pm

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