list of europe's best architecture design schools for masters ?


hi ! am planning to apply for my masters the next year ( fall 2012).please do refer me with some good architecture design ( advance architectural design ) schools in europe.

Sep 30, 11 12:40 am

AA, Bartelett in England

Sep 30, 11 4:06 am

thank you ! btw any idea about schools in netherland , germany , spain  ?

Sep 30, 11 6:18 am

TU Berlin, TU München, Uni Stuttgart, ABK Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, TU Darmstadt, UdK Berlin, etc. etc. 

Really, in Germany alone, I could list probably a dozen schools that could be considered "good architecture design schools". Without knowing anything about you, your previous experiences, expectations, and future research/career goals, these sort of lists will be fairly meaningless. I'd suggest starting with a google search (and archinect forum search) and then going through individual schools websites.



Sep 30, 11 7:54 am

Also the Mendrisio academy in the Italian Swiss is Super! But I don't know if they have programs in English though...

Sep 30, 11 9:51 am

@Iam gray

thank you so much for your valuable info. I am an architect from INDIA and i hold a B.Arch degree (5 yrs ) in ARCHITECTURE.I  have two years  of work experience and a lot of other internships. i would like to do a masters in advance architecture that comprises of latest techniques and technologies ,design process / design research in architecture or something that is related to the above.programmes taught in english would be preferable.

thank u

Oct 1, 11 1:12 am

Hi .. I am too from India .. I have done a BE in computers.. . Would neone know about any architecture schools in europe which offer a course like M.Arch 1 in the US. .. ?

Oct 1, 11 6:21 am

i fear not... maybe in England but not in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France... but always better to double check

Oct 1, 11 11:48 am

anyone have any close insights about the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, in Copenhagen, DK? I studied abroad in Copenhagen for a year and LOVED it! I have been thinking about applying to that school for my MArch.

Oct 1, 11 1:59 pm

any info about  BERLAGE institute... do they have any  masters that is  related to advance architecture


Oct 5, 11 5:37 am

schools with accrediated professional degree in europe which specializes in advance architectural design ?

Oct 5, 11 5:58 am

someone pls reply ?

Oct 11, 11 11:14 am
chatter of clouds


typically, courses associated with the term "advanced architectural design" are post graduate courses rather than professional ones. i would suggest you concentrate on the school's approach, if it has one or many, and compatibility with what you wish to pursue in terms of design philosophy or method, if you have any. there are many good schools and enough excellent schools. you will find lists of the most renown on any basic search on archinect or via google; what you request is a few clicks away. if you were more specific as to what kind of school, approach, language of instruction....etc, people here might find it a bit more substantial of a request.

Oct 11, 11 12:33 pm

KTH in Stockholm has an up and coming diploma course with different themed studios you can take (taught in English) similar to the unit system at the AA..The program is also very international and has some really good people teaching in it or coming in to do workshops/lectures.  One studio in particular is focused on integrated design/sustainability/parametric software and really trying to make it all work... a tall order to be sure but certainly interesting!

the diploma is usually compared to a BArch or MArch but you should look into the requirements for licencsure in the country you want to work in

Oct 11, 11 12:51 pm


yeah thanks will do that


sounds interesting will do some research about it.. thank you

Oct 12, 11 3:03 am

Speaking from an insider, Bartlett is now out  and the world is too complex to continue the phenomenological approach of singularity of one's dystopia view of the isolated artist - 

Am very impressed with the direction Oxford Brookes as their course are interconnecting with 'the Multiple' in mind- with strong links to Development Practice and Humanitarian practices - linking also within the discourses and experiences of the professional Arch-part II course and MArch 1 year. Don't just do a course on digital bits - thats just a tool if you can't explore its meaning in another way - And they are in Oxford [1 hour out of london - so cheaper] but yet an urban cultural experience/interdisciplinarity that becomes where you really learn. Students could come via a semester or year exchange - 

Berlage is having great financial difficulty now thanks in part to the dutch government and the need to create an austerity presence even if you don't need one - was a great place but thin in robustness and doesn't award degrees after 2 years [only certificate]

AA is great but growing a bit which hurts the place but still amazing - their doors are open to the greatness so if you end up in London or Oxford - make it part of your intellectual self!

Oct 12, 11 8:54 am

@ar.ash: the Berlage Institute offers only post-graduate studies. And, as TED said, there are some financial difficulties due to government cut-backs, but there´s no reason to assume that the Institute won´t be able to continue in the near future.

Oct 12, 11 10:12 am

Absolutely agree with usernametaken; the Berlage will be there - while small, it's too influential of a place in the world not to be and if the elite Dutch Architectural Community[Rem et, al] don't stand behind the Institute[€€€] and support the brilliance of its key  thinkers like Hertzberger, we should boycott all Dutch Architectural Propaganda - they need to put their money where their mouth is -

Oct 12, 11 10:45 am

I asked once, but wasn't sure if anyone even noticed:

anyone have any close insights/personal experiences with the Royal Danish Academy School of Architecture, in Copenhagen, Denmark? I studied abroad in Copenhagen for a year and LOVED it! I have been thinking about applying to that school for my MArch. I have been to the website, but if anyone has any personal information regarding the school, i'd like to hear about it. 

Thanks much!

Oct 12, 11 2:58 pm

check out some of these schools:



Oct 24, 11 3:26 am
chatter of clouds

TED, these are interesting insights but a couple of questions:

- is the dirth in funding actively affecting the education quality at Berlage? would you kindly elaborate (TED, usernamtaken?)

- the overall difference between AA and oxford brookes or latter and quite substantial. similarly, i think there are other more "british" (compared to AA)  schools (sheffield, bath, liverpool, edinburgh) that offer good professional least this was the case some years ago. so why do you exclusively point out Oxford Brookes (aside from its location)? or you refer exclusively to the post graduate degrees? i have not heard of the Development and humanitarian postgrad at OB prior to your mentioning it. is it only on its uniqueness that you commend it or have you actually gone through their work?

thank you

Oct 24, 11 6:46 am

Er... I wouldn't consider the Royal Danish Academy (Kunstakadamiets Arkitektskole) in Copenhagen to be a viable possibility. If anyone had 'fun' studying there for a semester, it must be because they drugged your tuborg at lunchtime. 

There are some serious complaints about the faculty, administration, and organization at the KA, and until they figure out how to accept that something non-Danish could possibly be interesting, insightful, or worth developing, I wouldn't bother wasting your money on the application. 


Oct 25, 11 5:03 am

Hello, i am a graduate of architecture  from Nigeria, i intend starting up my masters degree by 2012 in Germany, can anyone please get me a school with English as their language of instruction apart from DIA DESSAU, so i make a good comparison.


Oct 26, 11 10:51 am

There aren't any others in Germany, sorry. 

Oct 28, 11 12:28 pm


THANKS for the link ... sounds interesting !


Nov 2, 11 5:11 am

any idea about ETH Zurich and the Master programmes that are offered ?

Nov 2, 11 5:38 am

Other German schools who offer an english-taught master's program:

Bauhaus Weimar: European Urban Studies, Integrated International Studies, Media Arch

Wismar Hochschule: Lighting Design Architectural Lighting and Design Management, Master Architectural Lighting Design

Hafencity University of Hamburg: Resource Efficiency in Arch and Planning

Ostwestfalen Lippe University of Applied Science: Master international Fascade design and construction.  


Search.  or for more

Nov 12, 11 12:00 pm

Also, the Staedeschule in Frankfurt. But that's a post-graduate course.

Nov 12, 11 12:27 pm

Other German schools who offer an english-taught master's program:

That's nice, but it wasn't the question. There aren't any other English taught master's of architecture programs in Germany. *shrug*

The reason it makes a difference if you do 'facade design' or 'lighting design' is that, those degrees will never have a chance at being considered equivalent to an m.Arch in the US/Canada. So, while they may be interesting, they don't really help. 

Nov 13, 11 4:39 am

is there any  good schools in germany for masters in  advanced architectural design other than SAC (frankfurt) ?

Nov 15, 11 6:35 am

where can i find latest rankings for graduate architecture schools in europe ?

Nov 18, 11 4:25 am

hi everyone!

i'm planning to apply for my master the next year (fall 2012) and since the  most application deadlines are in January - February, i've already started preparing the application. Searching in forums and sites, i found some lists for the best schools of architecture for Master degree. So, i came down to these six ones:

- AA

- UCL - Barlett  

- Glasgow School of architecture

- Kingston University

- Royal Danish Academy...

and the newly infamous  Berlage Institute

I m an recently graduated architect from GREECE, and i hold a B.arch degree in ARCHITECTURE. I have an one-year work experience. I'm interested in a "practical" master, rather than theoretical ones, and my graduated application portfolio is focused heavily on sketching and models, lacking of 3D drawings and photorealistics. Thus, i know several architectural 3D programs. My deal is, that i'm not crazy about doing a master,although i'm really positive about it,  but i think it will help in my future carrier (especially abroad). The other theme is that i can't have a master, unless its scholarship funded. 

So, my question is, first of all what do you think about this institutions,is it worth it, do you have further information? And, secondly, do you have any scholarship - sites, to suggest?


Thank you in advance.


ps: i'm only interested in english taught masters, in Europe.   

Dec 4, 11 7:15 am

Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

I was reading this topic because I am planning to apply for my masters next year somewhere in Europe. I was studing in Zagreb (Croatia) and I really like it here, but after my B.arch degree next year I would like to study somewhere outside my country. I was thinking about "Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto", but I can't find anything about the school. It's famous building done by A. Siza, with great spaces, but don't know anything about program there. Do you have any inforamtion? Tnx!


Jan 29, 12 11:52 am
Ani Arzumanyan

check out this one in Barcelona

and this program in ETH Zurich

btw I'm gonna apply to Zurich as it's inexpensive 

Feb 11, 12 2:52 pm


Have been offered a place at Oxford Brookes MArch Advanceed Arhitectural design (dir David Greene) and at Westminster MA Architecture Cultural Identity and Globalisation. Waiting for answer at AA & Columbia, waiting for a reference at the Bartlett.

Would you wait for the others or go for Oxford or Westminster? Which of them?

Cheers and good luck with your applications.

Feb 17, 12 4:31 pm
A r y a

for EU nationalities TU Delft has valueable master programs..

you might want to check out this link too


Also I've read somewhere you need to know german to apply for ETH

Jun 25, 12 1:44 pm

any schools in Austria that has a good program?

Jun 26, 12 5:50 am

Hey accesskb,

I flew to Vienna for the Institute of Achitecture (Angewandte) entrance exam and found that school to be very exciting and fresh.  The studio professors were Zaha Hadid, Hani Rashid, and Greg Lynn, so if you're into that field, I'd definitely recommend it.

Jun 26, 12 12:37 pm

sweet.. i will have to check it out Dionysus.   I hear schools are free in Austria.. Would you mind telling me about the entrance exam?  Are you starting school soon?  you can email me if you want accesskb at

Jun 26, 12 8:27 pm

hi fellow people

thanks for the information about schools. I will be joining SAC,frankfurt this fall.

wishes to all 

best !

Jun 28, 12 2:46 am


i'm an american currently studying in's not quite free, but the fees have been lowered to 17 euros ... ~25 bucks per semester  (!!!) thanks to the most recent round of government funding (austria's economy remains one of the best in the world despite the rest of the EU). the angewandte has a great reputation. the entrance exams are quite loaded in austria, not sure how long they are now, but i had five 5 days to create a mini-portfolio. generally they will give you 3 or 4 prompts and they basically set you on your way. they have some previous examples on their website, which would be the best... i recommend studying in vienna/austria to everyone i know. great country, quality education and outstanding quality of life....which for me is much more important than 60,000 grand in debt after 2 years back in the states...

Jul 16, 12 3:16 am

I have also heard very good things about Oxford Brookes. It might be worth doing some research on their Master programmes. Too bad I am too old for this

Jul 16, 12 7:41 am


I am currently in my final year of my bachelor programme in Slovakia. Could anyone tell me what its like studying at the TU Vienna in english or n German,whats the advantage of studying in the angewandte?

How strict is the addmission process to the TU Vienna or the ETH in Zurich?


Sep 15, 12 7:13 am

dartsofpulp:  Are you studying at the Angewandte right now?  would love to talk with you regarding the school and admission process etc if so :) 


obieromah:  From what I hear about TU Vienna, it is not intensive, very technical and workload is very light compared to schools in North America or other reputable schools of architecture.  Profs don't show up often and students tend to join and drop out of the program often because its a free school and the admissions process is pretty non-existant.  Angewandte on the other hand, has a robust admission process that require you to sit for a 3 day exam, interview, portfolio submission etc, so the not-so-serious students are eliminated right from the start.  The faculty at Angewandte are renowned in the world of architecture also so you can bet you'll be learning and pushing yourself ahead.

Sep 16, 12 3:04 pm

what do you think of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture?

Oct 4, 12 2:13 pm
ar saket

hi ! am planning to apply for my masters the next year ( fall 2013).please do refer me with some good architecture design ( advance architectural design ) schools in europe.

Nov 30, 12 12:21 pm
ar saket

 I am an architect from INDIA and i hold a B.Arch degree (5 yrs ) in ARCHITECTURE.I  have one years  of work experience and a lot of other internships. i would like to do a masters in advance architecture that comprises of latest techniques and technologies ,design process / design research in architecture or something that is related to the above.programmes taught in english would be preferable.

Nov 30, 12 12:22 pm

In july I will graduate with a D.E.S in architecture (Diplôme d'études supérieurs) which is equivalent to M.Arch if i am not wrong.

I am planning to apply for a postgraduate studies program in lighting desing or architecture and computation.

Can anyone help by providing the best schools in europe?

Thank you :)

Dec 7, 12 5:57 pm

Hi! So, I am currently on Erasmus in Gent Belgium and I must say I`ve heard and noticed great things about the Dutch schools. Could anyone please let me know about the masters in the Delft or Eindhoven and Mackintosh school of arts and Edingbrugh as I`ve narrowed down my search to these uni`s. Thanks so much in advance for sharing this information! 

Dec 10, 12 5:45 pm

Hello to everyone!  I have a bachelor degree in Marketing but Ive worked in Landscape and Architecture for a couple of year and now Im looking for an intensive practical master or program for no more than 1 full year lenght since I have a company in my country and I cant leave for too long! I will really thank all the advice you can provide!

Jan 16, 13 11:51 am

hi! anyone can give me some more details about postgraduate master programms at ETH Zurich and Angewandte, Wien...about
experiencies from studing there, admissions, duration, costs...thank you..:))

Feb 8, 13 6:47 am

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