list of europe's best architecture design schools for masters ?


nice information. thank you for sharing it.



Feb 8, 13 8:53 am

Hello!! Im from Greece and I have graduated from the Civil and Structural Engineering Department of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education In Athens. I am interested on studying Architectural Lighting Design. I would like to know of a good university in Europe tha I can do Bachelor and Master stydies on Architectural Lighting Design. There are so many options and I can't make up my mind.

Thank you!! :)

Mar 18, 13 1:47 pm

Could anyone guide towards a review or an opinion on the Master of Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna?

Jul 23, 13 7:50 am

Hi people!

I am in search of my Master degree studies as I finished the second year of studies on the faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am highly interested in Masters of Art but also in Master of Science.

As I heard Aachen and Braunschweig (and ofcorse Berlin etc...) offer a very good program. Can you tell me something about these programs in Aachen and Braunschweig and their reputation in Germany and can you recommend some other programs?

Thanks :)

Sep 11, 13 12:01 pm

Top European architecture programs are found here:

1) Architectural Association

2) UCL Bartlett

3) ETH

4) TU Delft

5) BERLAGE institute

Everything else comes after those unis

Sep 12, 13 3:46 pm

Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

I saw the school last summer.  It is an Alvaro Siza turd, or should I say, 3 turds joined together.  It was on a Sunday and it didn't appear classes were in session during summer.  I "voyeuristically" looked inside some studio windows and the work spaces seemed so cramped!  I think it would be a fantastic location in which to go to school, though far from Europe's most prestigious.

So, 2 things:  1) this thread is old, and 2) study in the U.S. or Canada - it's more user-friendly.


I don't know.

Je ne sais pas.

Non lo so.

No se.

Ich weiss nicht.  (had to look this one up; sounds reliably guttural, though)

Sep 12, 13 4:08 pm

iam not sure if academy of fine arts and university of applied arts, vienna are the same.

I had recently been to the univ. of applied arts vienna. I have some friends from Studio zaha and Studio Lynn. I would highly recommend you these studios.if you are really interested in doing some crazy digital architecture. 
i like the kind of work and detail that is happening in Studio LYNN... very impressive works.
the research also seems to be very progressive . 

Sep 15, 13 11:56 pm

Hi,I am planning to apply for my masters the next year ( fall 2014) in architecture.I would appreciate if you can tell me how I can Start this Procedure of applying to find a known architecture university and on the other hand,how I can by any chance get scholarship for courses!

Dec 8, 13 12:53 pm

And btw I'm from Iran

Dec 8, 13 12:54 pm

hi guys. im looking for a design oriented wich also could be cheap... can anyone help me?

Jan 10, 14 8:18 pm

hi ,

i want to join m.arch next year (2015)i want to know the M.Arch courses there in bauhaus uviversity , germany

Jan 26, 14 3:19 am

Maybe this will help:

With current student and alumni interviews, some info on the projects they do, tuition, the city, even male-female ratio. Good luck!


Jan 26, 14 6:27 am

Hi everyone. I am completing a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Design in Uganda and would like to apply for a Masters' programme in Architecture in Europe. Any suggestions please for a good place to study? As well with scholarship provisions for International students.

Thank you.

Feb 27, 15 4:56 am

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