Joshua Prince-Ramus


totally unrelated, but is Joshua Prince Ramus straight or gay?

Jul 13, 06 3:21 am


Jul 13, 06 3:23 am

who cares?

Jul 13, 06 3:23 am

With all this talk about young oma educated architects in the US, I have to ask...are these guys actually registered "architects"? or are they teaming up with partners who take on the AIA credentials?

Jul 13, 06 7:01 am

not sure, but you can be registered and not in the AIA...

...if you haven't seen it already...

it seems, from the presentation, that the SPL was a victory in:

client communication & getting buy-in: "we don't know what it is, but we know it's what we want..." (paraphrase)

the diagram! long live the diagram!
for design, for communication, for the people!

doing a provocative piece of architecture for a "low" budget (low in quotes because my only source is JPR's mentioning it in the presentation)...


Jul 13, 06 9:05 am

e, i dont care but i was wondering....i dont know why

Jul 13, 06 6:22 pm

who cares?

i do

Sep 3, 06 7:53 am
Josh Emig

As far as being licensed, I don't think RE X could call themselves Ramus Ella Architects if at least one of them wasn't licensed.

Sep 3, 06 11:09 am

REX, of course, doesn't just mean dinosaur...
I've really enjoyed this thread: interesting, if hardly revelatory. For a guy like me (35) who was once considered talented and is at least considered good at my job, it helps me feel not so bad about myself that I spend my Mondays howling inwardly in misery about the sort of work I do just to pay my way because it's not just a simple option to chuck it and set up on my own, because I don't have a ready constituency of rich aesthetes wanting houses designed, business moguls wanting a wee office refurb etc. and I couldn't afford to take nonearning time out to look around at more modest opportunities either.
When I was at grad school a decade ago I saw very clearly the significant differences in opportunities people with money had: to be independent and flexible: to choose what and when they got involved with projects and people and so on.
I'm not and have never been jealous or bitter though. At the end of the day, whether in Art or in Business, you do what you need to do to be in the context of the wider world the person you create of yourself. Perhaps if I felt that my hack architecture job defined me I'd be depressed, but that's just a Monday thing and that financial generator is only a 36 hour a week thing.
Maybe I should be envious of Prince Joshua Ramus. But no, not really. I'm better looking.

Sep 4, 06 8:44 pm

design_junky .... IT"S JUST YOU.....

Oct 17, 06 2:32 am

HA! better looking than JOSH? let's see....MR. PRINCE RAMUS is absolutely GORGEOUS and DELICIOUS!

Oct 17, 06 2:36 am

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