Free online (architecture) eBooks/library

Hey y'all,

I was looking at a fellow's website (; he's trying to compile a virtual library of free textbooks so that post-secondary students don't have to spend ludicrous bling-bling on books. (If you know of any, he's still looking for suggestions.)


1. Do you know of other online collections of books that can be read free of charge?

2. Do you know of any free online architecture books?

3. Could such a section (or organization tag) in the books section be created? Or does such a thing exist already and I just don't know it?



Jun 20, 05 2:08 am

this guy is awesome. it is such a great idea!

Jun 20, 05 2:34 am

hi guys. im looking for  informations  and picturs about  some kiko mozuna's works

to be exact

1:yosue house

2:zen temple

3:yin yang house

please help me

Dec 17, 17 8:13 am

Third post in third thread, must be getting desperate. You can always fail your course and repeat so you actually give yourself the opportunity to learn something next time. Almost Monday, gonna be tight, tic toc tic toc.

Non Sequitur

12 year old thread?

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