why don't architects know how to work the media?


Fineprint – exactly. Back to the OP’s question – the reason we’re not in the media is because the media is speaking to the 90% and that 90% haven’t a clue about architecture or what architects do….they can’t write about it because nobody would know what they’re writing about.

These websites are mostly horn-tooting, which is fine, but they need (depending on market) to go farther and be opportunities to educate people about what we do and the value of what we do. My stuff wasn’t just pictures…they were pictures with listed “Problems” and “Solutions”.

While I always spoke “Client” I always thought “Customer”. I also always spoke “Marketing” but I always thought “Selling”. When you make that change in your mind everything will change. Observe how car dealers work and apply the same mindset….dress it up of course, but follow the hallmarks – “The customer is always right” (at least in their mind), “Sell to the objections”, “Ask for the order” -  repeatedly, “Never let them out of the store until you have the order”. If you don’t “sell it” nobody’s is going to “buy it”.

Feb 8, 15 1:41 pm  · 

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