Morphology and Typology


I know typology and morphology are often confused. But I was wondering if anybody had a clear definition or source for a good defintion and distinction. Thank you!

Mar 14, 05 1:13 pm

Topology vs. Typology is the real tough one, although not so much once you get it.

Mar 14, 05 2:28 pm  · 

Gosh, just Rita Dictionary.

Morphology, typology and topology each have their own distinct meanings.

Leave it to architects to screw up basic definitions and then think they invented something new.

If you ask me, less walls is just more windows.

Mar 14, 05 2:50 pm  · 

morphology is about forms, typology is about types...

now, types and forms aren't the same thing.. there are types of forms but also there are forms of types...

so yes, more windows means less heat inertia (unless you put some type of gas (not a form of gas) inside the glass -if its double-)

Mar 14, 05 3:05 pm  · 

oswald mathias ungers did a small book called morphologie. vnice.

Mar 14, 05 3:10 pm  · 
Carl Douglas (agfa8x)

agree with rita. find a dictionary instead of trusting random people on the internet. i tend to use them something like this:

attempting to frame a systematic approach to form: shapes, colours, textures, patterns.

attempting to frame a systematic approach to types: for example 'housing', 'hospitals', 'factories', 'public spaces for children' etc. The idea is that by beginning with a type (say 'housing') and subtypes (say 'coastal holiday homes') you can describe the scope of variation and common ground. Typologies tend to generalise a lot in my experience.


Mar 14, 05 4:02 pm  · 

i have a great book/essay on urbain analysis that clearly explains both written my on of my teachers.

agfa8x's definitions are pretty good.

(it is written in french though)

if you're really interested (or desperate) i can scan the essential pages.

Mar 14, 05 4:32 pm  · 

Anyone has any readings on the two terms, typology and morphology. Please respond

Aug 19, 19 11:24 am  · 
Non Sequitur

when is your homework assignment due?

atelier nobody

Are you sure you're not looking for taxonomy?


I got killed on my taxonomies this year, both state and federal.


I like how bratty and entitled his closing line is. 'Please respond'. As if we don't have anything better to do.


Im not worried about the assignment. Im worried about not understanding the terms. And no im not looking for taxonomy. Thanks

Aug 19, 19 4:09 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

taxonomy is a hot topic right now. maybe you should change your research focus.


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