Juneteenth, the new East Rosedale Monument, and being anti-racist

I work for a social justice nonprofit; we have today off for Juneteenth, so I'm posting about it.

Being blatantly self-promotional, I'm starting with the project my husband *just* finished installing for artist Christopher Blay, the East Rosedale Monument. It's located across the street from the future National Juneteenth Museum, by BIG, covered in Archinect news here. The East Rosedale Monument specifically addresses how important public transit has been to the civil rights movement, and we architects and planners all know how critical public transit is to being a functioning society (More trains! More buses!).

For people who want to learn more about being anti-racist and how to celebrate Juneteenth, I have been doing Ashani Mfuko's 30-day Countdown to Juneteenth Challenge. You can find it on her Instagram page here. It's a 15-20 minute daily break (you can start it anytime) to consider one's own unconscious biases, not just anti-Black bias, but also applicable to other ways we unconsciously respond to people with disabilities, people older or younger, people of different skin color or religious status, etc. If you are part of an organization that requires or wants to do anti-racist training, I highly recommend Crossroads. I did a three-day workshop with them a couple years ago and it broadened my mind significantly. 

Finally, one simple framing technique I learned recently which has absolutely helped me be more anti-racist. Instead of saying "people of color", say people of the global majority, because that's the truth even though we white folks don't always think so. 

Love to all - and I mean all - on this day of celebrating freedom and knowledge. 

Jun 19, 24 11:34 am

Thank you.

Jun 19, 24 2:16 pm  · 

At our Soul Of The Southside event in South Minneapolis.

Jun 19, 24 3:44 pm  · 
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Is it blasphemy to post his hee?

Nation’s White Liberals Announce They Have Successfully Completed Listening

Jun 19, 24 5:41 pm  · 
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The truth.

Jun 19, 24 6:09 pm  · 
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(side-eye emoji)

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